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Carrying out tastings in Kyiv

Often, advertising a new product or product is a problematic task. In many ways, this is due to the fear of end-users and consumers. Nobody can indeed know about the quality of a new product. For the decision of the given problem also tastings which became one of the most widespread advertising methods are carried out.

In addition to its purely marketing purposes, such type of promo action as tasting can not only interest potential buyers but also cause increased demand for the company’s products. The effectiveness of tastings is confirmed by all advertising agencies without exception. It is logical that once you try a quality product at an acceptable price, the client will not look for an alternative. Thus, people can try the product without the need to purchase it.

The buyer himself evaluates the quality of the product and decides whether he should pay attention to the company’s products in the future. Tasting is one of the unobtrusive types of advertising, which openly offers products from the manufacturer. This type of fair promotional campaign is used both to advertise new products and to familiarize customers with the overall range of products of the company. Successful tasting can significantly improve the company’s image, promote its products and attract new customers.

An example of a tasting in Kiev in the photo:

Tasting is perfect as an advertisement for an assortment of products, but most often it is more profitable to conduct a tasting of the most popular among the population product. Alcoholic beverages are among the products of this type, by the way, there are often tastings of elite sorts of wine or cognac. Also, cheese tasting, coffee tasting, and other similar products are possible. Usually, tastings arouse people’s interest, and they acquire the proposed brand.

All kinds of tastings have similar tasks

  1. The motivation of the customer to buy the product
  2. Demonstration of the taste qualities of the product
  3. Growth of image and recognition
  4. Competing with other manufacturers

Normally, a quality tasting cannot be done without well-trained and trained personnel. For this purpose, promoters of our advertising agency pass careful selection for pleasant appearance, cleanliness and clearness of a diction. Our promoters are sociable and friendly. Having such good staff, your tasting products will be at the highest level, and visitors will be impressed.

Moreover, we consider all the features of the planned tasting, starting with the products that need to be advertised. If you are looking for a promoter for tasting alcoholic beverages is best suited to a young tidy man, and if you want to taste dairy products it is better to choose a beautiful girl with good diction and a pleasant voice. We select promoters for tasting and strong psychological qualities, our staff is guided by the latest marketing trends in the market. Therefore, you can be sure about a positive result of tasting.

For the best results we offer:

  • Staff training
  • Promotion Forms
  • Selection of quality promoters
  • Creating Creative Mechanics
  • The best design solutions for POS

The personnel training process and its next preparation for tasting are carried out according to specially developed rules and methods which give effective results for the minimum time. We always consider all the wishes of the client in the process of staff training. As a result, you get not only a person who advertises the product, but with more enthusiasm can tell you all the necessary information about it in an accessible form. Also, we carefully select external clothing for our staff, because it must match the advertised product. The buyer should see the connection between the appearance of the promoter and the product being tested. Therefore, we use a special promotional form with the manufacturer’s logo. All this always helps us to carry out your tastings at the highest level, as well as to successfully promote the products.

The cost of the tasting is presented in the table below.

Tastings and consultations (including on low-alcohol products) of 40 to 120 hours 95
of 120 to 500 hours 90-95
of 500 to 1000 hours 85
over 1000 hours 80

*one supervisor can control from three to five points, depending on their location from each other. The cost of the supervisor: 400-450 UAH/day.

*break for staff every 2 hours for 15 minutes.

The additional cost to tasting services:

  • tasting with a proverb short text: increases by 5-15 UAH/hour to the price list;

Tasks supervisor:

  • control of promoters and staff;
  • providing the right products;
  • training;
  • the report in any form (photo, video).

Thus, it is possible to reveal that tasting is a necessary stage in the successful sale of any product. Often, people in a conservative warehouse (and most of them) will be stingy to try a new product or a product that has long been seen.

Tasting is a successful advertising campaign, which allows a potential audience of buyers to take a free trial of the product and tell about its advantages.

A well-planned plan of action for tasting has a long-term effect after the tasting. On the first day of its sale, as a rule, it is increased in two or four times, and within two or three weeks after the campaign reach from 50% to 150%. This is since buyers form a positive impression of the brand advertising and its recognizable image, as well as buyers’ loyalty to the brand of the product undergoing tasting increases.

Please contact our company “Vladpromo”! You will be provided not only with creative ideas for advertising the product but also with professional staff for events.