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Promoters in life-size dolls

To promote your outlet or brand, you must use different ways of advertising. It is important to stand out from the competition and attract people’s attention. If the advertising will be unusual and competent, then you can quickly achieve results. 

Now in demand are promoters in the life-size doll. They immediately attract the attention of all people, increase the mood and pay attention to the brand. This method of advertising is more effective than the usual handing of leaflets to passers-by. The bright outfit will be remembered by people, therefore, they too will not forget about the point of sale.

Is it necessary to use a life-size doll?

When choosing a method of advertising you need to focus on the scope of the company and potential customers. The usual distribution of leaflets no longer brings significant results. 

A promoter in a life-size doll can lift the mood of passers-by and attract potential customers. It can be placed next to a point of sale, cafe or entertainment center. A specialist should communicate with passers-by, tell them about the company and lure them to visit the institution. 

Our promoters know how to promote the brand brightly and effectively. They know how to interact with people without frightening passers-by. A bright costume will attract the attention of every person. The outfit must be funny and funny so that people smile at it. They will want to visit a point and see what is interesting there. It will not be possible to pass by the place, because the specialist will certainly pay attention to it every passerby.

The client can decide for himself whether he needs to use a life-size doll for advertising. As the experience of most companies shows, this method is effective and simple. It is possible with the least cost to get new customers and improve the overall impression of the company.

Advantages of the service

Life-size dolls are an original way to advertise a place. It is used both by new companies and well-known organizations. Positive and friendly promoters will walk along the street in bright costumes. They should be funny and try to motivate customers to visit the institution.


  • It is impossible not to notice the life-size doll even in the crowd. The costume is bright and flamboyant, and it cheers passers-by up. People will have a more positive attitude toward the brand, so they will have a desire to visit the institution.
  • The promoter can not only walk along the street but also distribute leaflets. They will be taken much more often, and people will read what is written on them. How they will be interested in what the institution offers. 
  • Passers-by like to take photos with life-size dolls. Such pictures look unusual and positive. Also, people publish them on social networks, which will be additional advertising. Friends and acquaintances will look at the photos and become interested in the institution, which advertises the promoter. For such advertising, the businessman will not even have to pay people money.
  • If it is necessary, you can order sewing life-size dolls on sketches. It will be possible to put a certain logo that will benefit the business.

Some companies install a stationary life-size figure to lure visitors. In this case, the promoter will work more effectively, as he interacts with passers-by. With his help, it will be possible to pay attention to an institution and improve its reputation.  Without competent advertising, it will be difficult to promote the business and find regular customers. For this reason, you need to take care to distinguish your company from others.

Promoter duties

A promoter in a life-size doll can perform various tasks. Everything depends on the wishes of the client and on what kind of advertising is required. In any case, the promoter will do everything to lure potential customers and increase loyalty to the institution.

What can make a life-size doll:

Distribute leaflets to passers-by. They will have all the important information about the institution, as well as contact details. People will pay attention to the information that is specified in the booklets. 

  1. Communicate with passers-by. A height doll can talk about an institution and improve its reputation. People will be much more interested to know information from a promoter dressed in a bright suit.
  2. Invite to visit the institution. Advertiser will call passers-by and say why they need to go to a store or cafe. Advertising will be bright and positive, so will not be left without attention. 
  3. Offer to taste the products or take part in the drawing. People will be interested in what the doll tells them. For this reason, they will not be able to pass by. 

A promoter in a suit will even be able to conduct various activities. Children and adults will be interested in watching the life-size dolls. Many people will gather for the presentation of goods or tasting, drawing. Therefore, advertising will be effective and will bring results.

Our company offers services of experienced promoters, who have extensive experience in this business. They know how to behave in costumes and invite visitors. Advertisers present information positively, so they want to listen to them. Passers-by will not pass by and will be interested in the institution. Promoters will do everything to make the advertising campaign was effective and bright.

We recommend ordering a promoter in a life-size doll to increase the popularity of the cafe or store. Any business will be better if you tell people about it competently.


Price: 110-125 UAH / hour (depending on the number of people and the project).

Cost of renting a costume of a life-size doll (large selection): 1300 – 2000 UAH \ day.

* The supervisor can control from 3 to 5 points, depending on their location from each other (330-350 UAH / day).


Our specialists unobtrusively report on the benefits of an institution and offer to visit it. Call Vladpromo now! And our manager will pick up a life-size doll that is suitable for your unforgettable advertising campaign.