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Crowd for filming in Kyiv

It is usually problematic to organize a crowd scene, as it requires coordinated action by all participants in the process. The organizer of the event takes on most of the work of organizing and coordinating all participants. Often, the organizers of the crowd scene in Kyiv are people who need to promote their products or services. There are many cases when it is necessary to gain a crowd to hold a show or PR-action. Organization of a crowd is also relevant when shooting a movie or a series, as well as for staging a theatrical production.

For these purposes, there is our advertising agency. Our personnel will ideally cope with any tasks in view.

At the organization of the crowd scene in Kviv, it is important to consider all nuances. The most important feature of the crowd is the organization of the joint work of many people. Thus, before the action itself, the staff must undergo qualitative training in several stages.

When preparing the staff for mass action such factors as individual qualities of people, their distribution by type are considered. Our specialists will make the organization of your massaging the most effective with minimal time spent.

Order crowd scene in Kyiv from Vladpromo

A frequent cause of organization of a crowd is the involvement of people in photography and video footage, important (in some special cases) for the latter is the presence of theatrical skills, which makes the atmosphere of video footage more natural. Therefore, the initial stage of recruitment is very important.

There are many such examples.

Our team has long been engaged in organizing and conducting massages, so we are ready to provide services of absolute quality. Here you can find actors for massages by different characteristics (appearance, gender, age, and other criteria).

Moreover, we work in the market of providing services for a long time, for which we have made an optimal work plan. This allows us to reduce the time needed to organize the massages much faster and to coordinate the actions of the actors more quickly. All the shortcomings and inaccuracies in the setting of the task are eliminated.

Our agency offers the following basic services

  1. A set of viewers for show or talk show.
  2. A set of people to shoot mass scenes of movies, TV series, clips.
  3. A set of crowd-shots for congresses and forums.
  4. Organization of an extras to promote a service or product, or a drawing.

It is also important that we, along with all the above services offer an additional set of people to control the work and conduct training for all participants in the drawing. This feature allows you to quickly and efficiently organize the masking in all circumstances.

Cost of crowd services in the table

Service name

Number of people



up to 500

100-150 UAH/hour

Playing crowd – Promotion of products by playing methods (lotteries, contests, prize drawings)

up to 1000

100-150 UAH/hour

Crowd scene for broadcasts (viewers in the hall)

up to 1000


PR promotions and more

up to 500


*price is negotiable, discounts are possible depending on the projects.

Additional information:

  • The cost is specified for a single service, for preliminary calculation.
  • Minimum order quantity is 20 people.
  • Minimum number of working hours/per people – from 2-3 hours.
  • The final estimate of the project is calculated in each case individually.

Our company will assemble extras for any event in a short time! We select people according to special criteria, so we vouch for excellent quality at the end of shooting. The services provided cover many people for various shows, filming in clips and commercials, as well as films or TV series.

Our advertising agency Vladpromo will help you in choosing people for mass scenes!


1. Shooting in the crowd scene

2. Shooting with extras