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The grand opening of shops, offices and shops

Introduction of a new product to the market, the grand opening of a new store or office center is always a holiday. A holiday filled with a lot of pleasant emotions for visitors and customers, who are almost always waiting for promotions, discounts and gifts. But for those who organize such an event, the period of preparation for it and the very moment of the opening is associated with a lot of questions, problems and tasks.

How to announce the event, who to invite and how to attract exactly those who will become a regular and profitable client, what surprises to prepare guests and how to make the planned holiday took place at the “Hurrah! These and other similar questions must be solved quickly and professionally by those on whose shoulders the pre-holiday troubles suddenly fell.

Of course, you can take a hard breath, squeeze your teeth, invite your friends to help you and all together go to conquer the tops of the event-industry. The decision is bold, but not always the right one. For the grand opening of a boutique or car, the showroom was successfully held, it is necessary not only to think over and understand the entire algorithm of the necessary actions but also to take into account the many tiny nuances, without which the holiday simply will not happen. And it is possible to go the other way and address to those who not the first year is engaged in the organization of similar actions, for example, to experts of advertising agency Vladpromo which in the shortest terms are ready “on a turn-key basis” to make the present holiday according to any wishes of the customer.

We count and write the scenario

In order not to miss anything and to have an idea of the result of the planned event, it is necessary to develop an algorithm of actions, to define the areas of activity and responsibility, and, of course, to calculate a preliminary budget. There are no identical holidays, so there should be no scenarios like each other. Every market, every line of business, every product and every service are extremely individual. 

Therefore, the scenario of the solemn opening of the next gas station will differ significantly from the holiday dedicated to the opening of the beauty salon. One of them will have enough balloon arches in front of the store door and 5% discount on all sausage products, and the other one will have the best option – the whole theatrical performance with professional presenters, fashion show and exquisite buffet. Gifts and bonuses are loved by everyone, and it’s time to give them to everyone during the opening ceremony.

But before generously distributing discount cards, branded souvenirs and product samples, it is necessary to determine for yourself and clearly understand what kind of profit this promotion will bring to your business in the future, what will be the return on it for your sales outlet. Sometimes, with the help of the most insignificant gift, you can attract a person and make him a regular customer. 

Find the best way to attract customers and calculate the financial effect of such actions to a layman is difficult. Managers of advertising agency Vladpromo have many years of experience working with different markets and business areas. 

Among our clients are successful work with shopping centers and shops of children’s goods, construction companies and printing houses, real estate agencies and industrial enterprises. For each of them, we found the best way to promote them from the first days of work.


Depending on the events planned during the opening ceremony, the subjects of the holiday itself, the goods and services offered, the necessary promotion staff is selected.  Most often, to open a point of sale there is a need for a presenter, a sound engineer with his equipment and several promoters, whose duties include the distribution of souvenirs and leaflets.

This is the simplest, but also the most standard version of the holiday. Shops using this scenario open quite often. But from the standard activities always want to step aside a little. How to be in this case? It’s not difficult, just enough to assess the product and its potential customers, to understand what will be interesting and what will attract the target audience.

Vladpromo specialists are ready to select and prepare promoters for any event. These are professional models for the presentation of the jewelry collection at the opening of the boutique, and the helpers who solve all the problems of organizing the technical part of the event, and animators in growth dolls, and dancers, and famous artists who can make the opening of your store unforgettable.

Promo materials

The distribution of souvenirs with company symbols has already been discussed. But not only advertising flyers and cups with a logo are customary to give at the opening celebration. Often, it is with the help of POS products that all the necessary accents are placed, the most striking touches are applied. You should also think about the design, manufacture and quantity of the necessary promotional materials in advance.

For the grand opening of the store are most suitable:

  • Balloons that will immediately create a universal holiday atmosphere. If desired, they can be selected following corporate colors, put a logo, slogan or address of the official website of the company.
  • Promo form for staff and animators, which will make the holiday more vibrant and exclusive. It is not necessary to use full sets of workwear for this, sometimes you can get by with ordinary T-shirts with a logo.
  • Printing, in the manufacture of which it is desirable to consider the moment of “usefulness” for the buyer, for example, you can attach a discount coupon to the flyer, and subsequently draw valuable prizes for lottery tickets handed out on an opening day.
  • Life-size puppets, which have recently become increasingly popular. This is understandable – such a step draws attention to the event, makes it more memorable. With such dolls, they are happy to take pictures, creating additional advertising for the outlet.
  • It is worth noting that by contacting the Vladpromo advertising agency, it is easy to immediately order all these promotional materials made specifically for your event.

Conclusions and recommendations

Often during the grand opening of salons and shops, the organizers forget about some important points for success. It is necessary to think over in advance who and in what way will deliver personnel and equipment, who will deal with all the technical aspects, how and what the premises for the celebration will be decorated with. This is just the tip of the iceberg, everything else remains under the veil of professionalism and experience of Vladpromo employees involved in the organization of “turnkey” such events.

Vladpromo specialists organize the grand opening of your store, office or retail space – quickly and professionally. Leave a request in the chat or call the numbers on the site. The consultation is FREE!