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Hostess in Kyiv

If you are planning a noisy corporate event, a fun party or preparations for an interesting exhibition are in full swing, we can offer high-quality guest service with the participation of hostesses, models in Kyiv.

The hostess is a female profession, host – male. So, in the duties of girls and guys of this profession in the restaurant enters the professional care of clients. 

At the same time, hostess services are widely used in airports, hotels, conferences and large exhibitions. Girls should look impeccable, show politeness, have a command of several foreign languages.

Hostess services at events:

  • Meeting and accompaniment of guests before the event, their seating at predetermined places. This is done by using the hostesses at the club, etc.
  • Guest registration claps. Before the start of the event (a printout of the full list of guests or badges with the name and surname of the guest). Immediately at the event, the collection of personal data about each visitor – registration duties.
  • Service of guests at conferences/forums, various exhibitions (meeting of arriving at the checkpoint, preparation of drinks, tea/coffee, printing out the plan of the event, photographing of guests on the background of advertising banners of the event).
  • Business meetings and receptions.
  • Presentation of expensive models and new cars – hostesses in the showroom.
  • Holding festivals.
  • All kinds of tournaments.
  • Entertainment activities and drawings. Entertainment show programs. To take part in various fashion shows (clothes, linen), advertising campaigns, beauty contests, photo shoots. I am attracted to TV and video shoots for advertising and music videos.

Irresistible girls and guys as hostesses will meet guests, bring them to the hall, sit at a table, will create a wonderful relaxed atmosphere during the gala evening.
At business events, hostesses will help with the registration of guests and their accommodation. At the filled press conferences – they will organize the distribution of promotional materials and booklets. The true face of your company’s stand will be the stand makers.

Our mission

  • Individual and attentive approach to the client.
  • Sense of style, taste, and measures.
  • Punctuality and efficiency.
  • Clear organization of each event.

In our agency fine girls, guys of modelling appearance with strongly pronounced individuality work. The choice of hostesses in Kyiv you can make on a portfolio, and specially organized castings. For this purpose, you only need to contact us. If you have special requirements, for example, height, hair color, knowledge of a certain language – let us know about it, and we will pick up girls, guys who meet all your requirements.


What are the advantages of our hostess models?

  • Pleasant and presentable appearance.
  • Communication and friendliness.
  • Stress resistance and ability to quench conflicts in their bud.
  • Organizational skills and ability to quickly understand the essence of emergencies.
  • Competent speech and knowledge of foreign languages.
  • Possession of dance skills.
  • Mandatory make-up and hairstyle.
  • Appropriate clothing (evening gown, promo uniform, business suit).
  • Experience at major events.

The cost of our hostess services is presented in the table below.

Service name

Кол. Count hostess/opening hours


Girls, guys of model appearance

of 1 people / of 2 to 4 hours

250-500 UAH/hour
Girls, guys of model appearance

  of 2 people/ of 4 to 9 hours

200-250 UAH/hour
Girls, guys of model appearance

of 4 people/ more than 6 hours

190-200 UAH/hour
The extra cost for hostesses:
  • hostesses in costumes of a growth doll: +30-60 UAH/hour;
  • work on the street (in winter, as well as heavy rains in autumn): increases by 50-80 UAH/hour to the price list;
  • hostesses in more open clothes (swimsuit, etc.): increases by 30-80 UAH / h to the price (depending on the conditions of the project);
**Exclusive address code for hostesses is ordered separately by our RA for sewing or bought at the request of the customer.
**At the start of the project till 8.00 a.m. and work after 23.30: for hostesses it is separately included in the budget of a taxi or a transfer of all groups.
** personnel break every 2 hours for 15 minutes.

Advertising agency Vladpromo offers hostess services. Our employees have all the necessary skills and requisites for work. You can order for your event men or women, if it is necessary, we will pick up a hostess of a certain type.

Hostesses of our company:

  • play the role of a lobby employee – meet guests at the entrance to the institution, distribute them to their places, answer all the questions, while at the same time easily promoting the services of the company at the exhibition, shop, cafe/restaurant, hotel, SPA-salon;
  • are a full-fledged “right hand” of the administrator, “solving” emergencies and settling arising problems. If necessary, they can manage the work of the waiters and other staff;
  • our hostesses are excellent translators and will be able to help the client at any event, business meeting;
  • attracting its beauty and charm, we attract the attention of customers to any promotional vaccine or exhibition and thus make your brand an influx of new customers, a good recognition.
If it is necessary, hostesses can be “internal controllers”, watching over the performance of duties of other employees of the institution or event. You can order a hostess for large-scale exhibitions, banquets, corporate parties, conferences, and other events.