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Distribution of leaflets in Kyiv

Distribution of leaflets (or as it is called the trend word flyer, that is, distribution of flyers) is one of the many successful types of an advertising campaign at all levels of the market, whether it be products or services. Distribution through leaflets in Kyiv is the most famous type of promo-action.

The main difference between this type of advertising from oral (advertising on radio, television) or any other types of its forms, the ability to quickly find information about the service or product, as opposed to the above-mentioned oral advertising information is always at hand.

As the information is displayed on the leaflet, a booklet with a brief and exhaustive description of the proposed, including contact information and even a short price list. Which in turn is very convenient, because it allows you to quickly and without much trouble to find what you need.

Important criteria of distribution of leaflets (flyers), booklets success are:

  1. Attractiveness and clarity of advertising, because not only does a leaflet, booklet falls into the hands of a person, it is important that he read it.
  2. The relevance of this product or service for the client. I think you will agree that advertising pools near the subway is not particularly effective, as their relevance to those who ride the subway, is not great.
  3. The uniqueness of the supply, because the market for goods and services is saturated, and to differentiate yourself from your competitors, your offer must be unique.

It is possible and not excluded from the option that a person will postpone the leaflet, flyer or booklet fluently read and consider the information it does not need. After that, it can be forgotten by them in a backpack, pocket, bag, but still, there is a great likelihood that one day it will remind about itself, and pleasantly please, saving a person sometimes a long search and walking around the various shops or services in search of goods or services.

Distribution of leaflets in Kyiv – is a good and cheap way to make a statement about yourself and the goods accompanying you.

Some variants of the targeted advertising at service/good advancement by a method of distribution of leaflets, flyers, booklets are possible:

  • When as a benchmark acts as a local market (often it’s streets, districts, cities, sometimes areas), in such cases, the market is studied, at the local level analyzed the place where it is possible to find a potential client. In these places, and there is the distribution of leaflets (as an example of the customer service leaflets distribution can serve as any pizzeria of the city of Kyiv (order leaflets distribution), and as a place of distribution: crowded areas, shopping malls, metro, universities).
  • When the sale should be implemented in the global market (sale or provision of services at the level of the whole country or even the global scale of the strategy remains at the heart of the same, except for approaches to the method of searching for a potential client.
  • Possible and other options, when leaflets are distributed by mailboxes, hung on the door handles or under the wipers of parked cars, distribution of leaflets in suits (growth dolls).

It is also known that the distribution of leaflets works well in those cases where it is necessary to intercept the client’s resource and redirect it in their favor. Most single stores that do not have large sales networks ignore the fact that they do not need to conduct advertising, thinking that the client will go himself.

But as practice shows, with the distribution of leaflets near the store sales rise sharply, which entails an increase in profits and that in turn is often the goal of the entrepreneur. Distribution of leaflets – a way to increase monetization!

Based on successful experience Advertising agency “VLADpromo” organizes and spends distribution of handbills, booklets, brochures, newspapers:

  • on the streets;
  • metro stations;
  • near universities and medical institutions;
  • near business centers, office buildings;
  • near shopping and entertainment centers;
  • near subway entrances;
  • in recreation areas (parks, squares);;
  • by mailboxes;
  • under the wipers of cars;
  • at the crossroads;
Раздача и распространение листовок в Киеве

Distribution of leaflets, booklets in crowded places and at the crossroads in Kyiv. Distribution of leaflets on the door handles of cars (under the wipers).

As for our services on the distribution of leaflets, we can say the following:

We responsibly concern the work, on demand we do the photo-report of the spent distribution of leaflets, booklets, brochures, newspapers. We take our experienced supervisors for monitoring of work and prevention of conflict situations with the customer, we qualitatively select places of distribution on the target audience, and we guarantee the success of foresight of an advertising campaign!

The cost of leaflet distribution services is presented in the table below


*Cost of leaflets distribution, UAH/hr

up to 100 working hours

over 100 working hours

 over 400 working hours

Distribution of leaflets in crowded areas

           105-110                100           95

Distribution at intersections to car drivers

           110               105           98

Distribution under car windshield wipers

           105-110                100           95

400-450 UAH/day

Supervisor with a car**

                400-450 UAH/day + petrol costs н

The additional cost of leaflet distribution services:
  • Distribution of leaflets in costumes of a growth doll: +35 – 50 UAH/hour;
  • Distribution of leaflets on the street (in winter, as well as heavy rains in autumn): increases by 10-20 UAH / h to the price;
  •  promoters on rollers: + 40 – 60 UAH. to the cost of the hour;
  • work with a megaphone +20-40 UAH/hour to the price value. Also, if it is necessary to take a mouthpiece for rent.
**The supervisor, who is obligatory to the projects, controls from 2 to 5 points depending on their location.
** Personnel break every 2 hours for 15 minutes.
Supervisor functions:
  • control of promotional staff;
  • emergency replacement of promoters and distribution points (during the action);
  • training;
  • control and provision of products (leaflets, promo-form);
  • photo report.
Also, we render services of storage and logistics of advertising materials if it is necessary.
For carrying out of the distribution of leaflets in shopping malls, the exhibition centers, various buildings – the permission for carrying out of the advertising campaign from administration-management is necessary.
Our Advertising agency is engaged in the press of polygraphs (leaflets, flyers, etc.) and all necessary for carrying out of the distribution of leaflets (T-shirts, caps, bibs).
We help with working out of breadboard models. If you need the given service – address to our managers, and they with pleasure will send you miscalculation.


Additional information:

  • The cost is specified for a single service, for preliminary calculation.
  • Minimum order promoters – from 25 working hours / within 5 days. When ordering less than the minimum: the price of promoters, depending on the projects increases by 10 – 35% per hour.
  • The final estimate of the promotional project is calculated in each case individually.
How to calculate the number of hours of operation relative to the number of copies of leaflets?
Service name      Average number of leaflets distributed per hour
Distribution of leaflets near the subway                         70-120 pcs.
Distribution of leaflets at intersections                           40-50 pcs.
Distribution of leaflets near shopping malls                          60-100 pcs.
Distribution of leaflets to parked vehicles                            60-80 pcs.

Benefits of cooperation

Vladpromo offers profitable cooperation with the help of which it is possible to tell potential buyers about its shop, the services provided, the new product that appeared on the market, promotions, discounts. The leaflet is an effective medium of information, which is delivered directly to the consumer.

Distribution of leaflets from Vladpromo

  • design and development of flyer design, where all the tiniest nuances will be carefully considered;
  • distribution in places of mass gathering of people;
  • the minimum amount of time for preparation of leaflets and the organization of the project;
  • the help of professional promoters, who are notable for their communication skills, neat, tidy appearance, friendliness, and attentiveness.
To make an order it is necessary to contact the managers of the company by the specified phones or leave a request for feedback on the official resource Vladpromo. Specialists of the agency will conduct free consultation, answer any questions. Throughout the cooperation, there is information support.
VLADpromo – is guaranteed quality, high speed, excellent service, reasonable prices, qualified personnel. The company is a confident participant in the advertising market, which it conquers for ten years.
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