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Experienced and responsible hosts of the event in Kiev

Any good holiday doesn’t go without a host. It is he who will cheer up the guests, announce rooms and contests, communicate with visitors. This is an important person who is responsible for the atmosphere in the hall. 

He will make sure that all those present get to know each other if they have not met before. If the host is experienced and funny, then no one will be bored. All the guests will leave in a good mood and will remember the event for many more days.

What should the host be like?

Our company offers only the best hosts of the event, who are responsible and know how to cheer up all the guests. These are proven people with an excellent reputation. They will make any holiday unforgettable and take care that every guest was comfortable.

A good host must have certain qualities. Only in this case, he will be able to cope with the task perfectly and not to fail. If an important event is planned, then it is not possible to hire the first person to be caught. It is better to trust us because we will be able to pick up a real professional.

The main features of the host:

  • Confidence and charm. Such a person will be able to attract the audience because everyone will like it at once. He will not be ashamed of anyone, because he does not doubt in his power. Even if the event starts to be boring, it will certainly make efforts and cheer up all the guests.
  • Sharpness. No leader can do without a sense of humor. He must be able to make the audience laugh and come up with such coats, which will please everyone without exception. At the same time, the leader does not go for a word in his pocket and always knows how to answer witty.
  • Ready for improvisation. Any event has an approximate plan, but you cannot cancel the human factor. If something goes wrong, the leader must be able to brighten up the situation. He knows how to distract the attention of guests from the trouble and can also borrow them for a while. In any case, a professional will never be confused.
  • Responsibility. The specialist must work out the scenario well, show up in time and be ready to entertain the guests for a certain period. He does not fail clients, so you can rely on him.
  • Creativity. This quality is the key to success. The host should not be like everyone else to please the guests. He must be original joking, inventing unusual contests. 
Our hosts fit this description, so they can be trusted. They are funny, have a good sense of humor and have a positive outlook on life. Professionals have extensive experience in conducting events and know how to please guests. That’s why you can be sure that any holiday will be successful.

How to choose a good host?

When choosing a host for a holiday, it is recommended to consider certain nuances. Even among the good professionals, it is important to find one that is suitable for the event. It is important to consider your work experience, as well as whether he or she has spent certain holidays. For example, the client may be interested in birthdays or presentations. It is possible to familiarize with a portfolio where there are video recordings and photos. It will be easier to understand whether a person is suitable for the event.

It is necessary to pay attention to the presence of specific skills. It is good if the host can sing, dance, show tricks, play a musical instrument, etc. Much will depend on the holiday, as the client may have their views on entertainment.  The gender of the facilitator often matters. Perhaps the client is interested in the man holding the event. Let’s say it will be mainly a female team, so the ladies will be more favorable to the representative of the stronger sex. If there are many men among the guests, then you can choose a woman for the holiday. You can invite two presenters at once to please all the guests. It is necessary to determine the conditions under which the specialists work. You will need to find out if he requires a prepayment, how much he charges for his services. Perhaps he has personal wishes and conditions, which are better to know in advance.

Separately, you need to make sure that the selected host is free on a day. When the holiday is planned on an important date, you will have to make an appointment with a specialist in advance. For example, on New Year’s Eve or March 8, all professionals will be busy. Therefore, we will have to agree with them in a few weeks or months, so that later we do not have to look for free hosts.

We are ready to answer questions about the specialists or to give contacts for the client to contact them personally. It is advisable to make an appointment with a professional in advance so that we do not have to look for a suitable person in an emergency. Having addressed to us in advance, the client will be able to pick up the ideal host without rush and any restrictions.

What events should we invite the hosts to

Many events should have a professional host because without him the guests get bored. The celebration will go on its own, or one of the guests will have to take the lead. Even a birthday party will be more interesting if it is led by a professional. Moreover, without a specialist, it is impossible to do at the wedding, as we will have many guests.

It is customary for hosts to order corporate parties, presentations, as well as public holidays. New Year’s Eve, March 23 and February 8 – the most popular celebrations, which require a host. Specialists must be invited to the event, where there will be a lot of people. Otherwise, people will be divided into groups or will be on their own.


The cost of the work of our moderately well-known leaders (plus equipment: 2 speakers, microphone, amplifier and remote control): 5000 – 5500 UAH \ 8 hours.

The cost of work of our professional well-known leaders: 1000 – 1500 UAH / hour.

Our company offers only responsible and cheerful leaders, who have extensive experience in holding holidays. Guests will not get bored, and the event will be held without unpleasant moments. Clients can choose any expert, guided by the preferences and specificity of celebration.