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Distribution of leaflets, newspapers in mailboxes (distribution of handouts)

Distribution of colorful printing in Kyiv mailboxes is a great alternative to expensive types of advertising.

Hangers are leaflets (flyers) in the form of a hook, which are hung on door handles.

Brochures, booklets or informative leaflets, placed on the mailboxes, effectively convey information to the consumer and have several advantages:

  • cover a selected audience: distribution of the leaflets in the mailboxes can be both addressed (to specific recipients) and unaddressed (in the area close to where the advertised goods/services can be purchased);
  • notify many potential customers;
  • provide systematic mailing to regular customers;
  • always get directly to the addressee;
  • have tight deadlines for distribution;

allow you to be flexible in the choice of the audience (you can choose houses by district, street or even the expected level of income of their residents).

Besides, such “mail” advertising will allow you to change the format of leaflets depending on the importance of the event and the allocated budget. You, as a customer, choose the size of the flyer, the amount of information, visual design and the total number of leaflets.

Another important advertising tool is hangers – printing, which is attached to the doorknob and gets directly into the hands of the residents of apartments.


Distribution of leaflets in boxes in Kyiv: main stages

Company “VLADpromo” organizes the effective distribution of your information in several stages:

  • selection of the target audience;
  • Determination of the method of distribution (targeted or unaddressed delivery) and the territory covered;
  • distribution of hangers or leaflets in Kyiv;
  • a detailed report on the event.

Order the distribution of leaflets on the boxes with us and you will receive:

  • Guaranteed results: According to the statistics, the return on the distribution of advertising products is very high, and its effectiveness can be up to 12%.
  • Prompt and qualitative distribution of advertising materials. Placement of leaflets and distribution of newspapers in the mailboxes of Kyiv is fast and clear because each stage of work is controlled.
  • Excellent value. Our prices will pleasantly please you. Besides, we offer favorable conditions of cooperation to constant customers.

Frequent questions and answers

How fast can the distribution be done?

The process of distributing your advertising can take from one to several days, depending on the amount of advertising material and the territory covered.

How do your distributors get into the house?

Our employees are equipped with universal magnetic keys, which provide access to the entrances.

Can you control your work?

You can personally check the delivery of leaflets, newspapers, handcuffs to any of the addresses, but no later than 1 day after distribution, as well as be present at any of the stages of distribution of promotional materials.

How do you guarantee the quality of your work?

We always carefully control the distribution of advertising materials. For this purpose, in addition to couriers on the approved route, supervisors work, who monitor the quality and timely performance of work. At the end of the work, we will provide you with a report with photos.

What should the leaflets look like to interest the consumer?

The key to success – colorful, informative booklets, decorated with taste on a good glossy paper. Uninteresting black-and-white sheets of paper will be thrown out by a person immediately, near the box, without having finished reading them to the middle. The effectiveness of advertising will be doubled if you use large print and catchy names, which contain the essence of the campaign.

Promotional offers and discounts also play an important role, as all customers love cheaper offers.

Cost of services (price for address delivery)






of 2000 up to 5000

65 cop./pcs.

65 cop./pcs.

70 cop./pcs.

74 cop./pcs.

of 5000 to 10000

63 cop./pcs.

63 cop./pcs.

68 cop./pcs.

72 cop./pcs.

of 10000 to 100000

62 cop./pcs.

62 cop./pcs.

67 cop./pcs.

71 cop./pcs.

For all projects: we provide a photo report 70-80% of the circulation of advertising products.

* A supervisor that is obligatory for projects, controls the distribution of circulation from 2 to 5 thousand copies of advertising products (photo report). Cost: 350 UAH / day.

* With extended leaflets / newspapers near the houses with 1 postal box (private sector), the rate will be increased 1.5-2 times from the price list.

* The final cost depends on the complexity of the project. For large editions, additional logistics and delivery vehicles are required.

Benefits of cooperation

Vladpromo offers a profitable cooperation with the help of which it is possible to tell potential buyers about its shop, the services provided, the new product that appeared on the market, promotions, discounts. The leaflet is an effective medium of information, which is delivered directly to the consumer.

Advertising agency offers:

  • design and development of flyer design, where all the tiny nuances will be carefully considered;
  • distribution in places of mass gathering of people;
  • the minimum amount of time on preparation of leaflets and the organization of their distribution;
  • the help of professional promoters who differ in communicability, accurate, tidy appearance, friendliness, attentiveness.

To make an order it is necessary to contact managers of the company by the specified phones or to leave the application for feedback on an official resource Vladpromo.

Our agency is a guaranteed quality, high speed, excellent service, reasonable prices, qualified personnel. The company is a confident participant in the advertising market, which it conquers for nine years.   

Order the distribution of advertising products on the mailboxes in the agency “Vladpromo” – and your products/services customers will be the first to know!