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Roller promoters

Promoters are people who advertise an organization or a group of products. They operate in city streets, shopping malls and even events. Professional responsibilities may vary depending on what the person is advertising. The specialist is responsible and tries to attract the maximum number of potential customers. 

Our promoters on rollers make the advertising campaign more effective. They attract the attention of passers-by, which allows you to interest the product or brand. Also, experts can cover a large area and choose those places where more people. 

Features of rollers’ promoters

Promoters are young people whose average age is 18-25 years. They try to promote a product or brand and do it in different ways. Often experts distribute leaflets and offer a person to buy a service. The more diligently the promoter works, the better will be the result of advertising.

Our experts on rollers have a clear advantage over those advertisers who are in one place. The static format is not very effective, as a person distributes booklets in one place. The number of passers-by may depend on the time of day. For example, in the morning there are a lot of people, and by lunchtime, there is no one on the chosen street. Normal promoters will not change the location, so give out fewer leaflets. 

If a person will be on rollers, he will be able to cover a large area. Probably, it will not even be limited to a certain area and will hand out booklets in different parts of the city. If the advertiser notices that the number of potential customers has decreased, he will be able to immediately move to a more crowded place. The specialist will not be in one place and wait until passers-by themselves will approach. On rollers, you can quickly get around the city and even visit more than one park.

A roller-bladed promoter may decide to distribute leaflets at the event. There are always a lot of people, and some of them are interested in buying a product. Our specialist will quickly distribute leaflets, and if necessary, tell about the service. 

We guarantee that the result of the advertising will be immediately noticeable. We have only active and positive people who know how to attract attention. They can present the goods qualitatively and convince them that it is worth looking closely at. A specialist will delicately talk about the advantages of the company, so people will want to take a closer look at a brand.

How do the promoters work on rollers?

Advertisers are good at rollerblading, so they don’t have problems moving around. They’re on the street and they’re attracted to their eyes. If desired, you can dress up a promoter in bright clothes so that passers-by do not pass by. The work of the advertiser is interesting to follow. He knows his job well and always stays in a great mood.

All our rollers know how to put the goods in a good light. They like the work, and they can maintain a polite and interesting conversation. People who are interested in the leaflet will be able to get answers to their questions from the promoter.  Rollers are needed first so that a person can move around quickly. If he will stand in one place, then he will be able to distribute a smaller number of booklets. Also, static advertising does not look so interesting and positive.  The client can decide for himself what features are included in the responsibilities of the promoter. You can focus on the standard list to simplify the task.

What promoters usually do:

  • Distribution of booklets, having an advertising character. If necessary, a specialist can accompany the leaflet with a speech message.
  • Answering brand or product related questions. An experienced advertiser will remember all the important information in advance and will easily advise people.
  • Attracting potential buyers to participate in the campaign. This will make it possible to interest the person and motivate them to order the service.
  • Presentation of the product. You will need to highlight its features and advantages. Often promoters conduct tastings and showcase products.
  • Get feedback from clients and customers about the object that is advertised. For this purpose, our specialist can conduct a survey. 

To achieve the goal, the promoter must stand out from the crowd. Rollers allow you to attract the attention of passers-by, so it will be easier to advertise the product. Our specialists love their business and approach it responsibly. They will move around the selected area and visit crowded places to distribute as many booklets as possible.

Advantage of our company

Now it is not easy to find a good promoter, which will be able to attract customers and guarantee quality advertising. If you hire outside specialists, you may face careless work. Some advertisers are eager to earn well but will not actively distribute leaflets and advise on the goods or services. 

We can guarantee that our promoters on the rollers work responsibly and with a heart to the point. They know how to attract attention and distribute the maximum number of booklets. If necessary, they will conduct a presentation, survey and call for participation in the campaign. All the specialists have been thoroughly tested and proved themselves well.

Our pros:

  • A responsible approach to the case. We offer only the best promoters who know how to advertise brands.
  • Low prices. Our company respects customers, so the cost of services is not overstated.
  • Large selection of specialists. You can be guided by personal preferences, selecting an advertiser.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Price: 120-140 UAH/hour (depending on the number of people and the project).

    * the supervisor can control from 3 to 5 points depending on their location from each other (330-350 UAH/day).

Call us now, and we will help you find a good promoter on rollers, which will advertise your product. Our company cooperates only with proven specialists who know a lot about their business.