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Promoter-consultant in Kyiv

A promoter consultant helps potential customers to choose a product, focusing on a brand. He or she promotes a product or service and talks about its benefits. Our company offers responsible and experienced specialists, who will provide quality advice to customers. 

Promoters know how to unobtrusively advertise a trademark and win people to make a purchase. Experts have a wide experience of work and understand how to draw the attention of clients.

Who is a promoter-consultant?

Not one year in demand enjoys promoters-consultants. Their services are needed by different firms that want to promote their product or service. The specialist acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. He does everything to attract attention to a brand.

The promoter must unobtrusively tell the advantages of the company and praise the product. If the specialist works well, then the person will not have the feeling that he is forced to buy something. He or she will make such a decision on his or her own because he or she will be interested in the product. 

Our promoter-consultants know how to competently interest a potential buyer. They are attentive to each person, answer the questions. Employees preliminarily study information about the brand and product. That is why they can confidently tell about the advantages of the advertised product.

Promoters can quickly promote the service and increase the popularity of the company. Without them, it is much harder to attract potential customers. People will be interested in the product and want to buy it. It is quite possible that in the future, more than once a person will choose the advertised company and even tell your friends about it. 

Duties of a promoter-consultant

We understand how important it is to advertise the product, so we allow the client to define the list of responsibilities of the promoter.  We can say approximately what functions are usually performed by a specialist. All his actions will be aimed at advertising a service or product because the main task – is to attract customers.

Approximate duties of employees:

  • Advising people on product-related issues. The specialist can talk about the method of application, quality, composition, technical characteristics. If necessary, the specialist can demonstrate the product. 
  • Sale of products. If necessary, the promoter will deal with the sale of goods.
  • Increasing brand loyalty. The employee will speak positively about the brand and improve its reputation.
  • Reporting. The specialist will record the results of his activity.
  • Control over availability of advertised goods. Promoter always knows how many products are left. 
  • Collection of contact information. If necessary, he will offer people interested to fill out questionnaires, leave phone numbers.
  • Issuance of product samples. This is a good way to attract new customers.
  • Maintaining order in the workplace. The specialist will make sure that everything is clean and beautiful.

Our promoters are responsible and always perform their tasks. Specialists always listen to the requests of customers and do everything to ensure that the advertising company was effective. We guarantee that the employee will quickly achieve the result and promote the company. 

Quality of promoter-consultant

A good promoter must have certain qualities, otherwise, it will not be able to work effectively. Our specialists meet all the requirements and can attract customers.

First, the consultant should be able to smile sincerely and communicate with people pleasantly. He or she must be polite and courteous so as not to lose the customer. Additionally, the promoter must be able to find an approach to each client and understand that he can attract. For example, for elderly people, it is important to have a low price for a service or product, as well as health benefits. These are the things that we will have to focus on during the consultation.

The counsellor must look good and stand upright during the conversation. Even if he is tired, you cannot show it. A person must be resilient to stressful situations because in no case should he lose his temper and be rude to the potential buyer. 

Our specialists communicate competently and tell convincingly about goods. They know how to approach each client, observe discipline and keep the workplace in perfect condition. All promoters are energetic, sociable and self-confident. They will tactfully talk about the product or service, praise the company and mention the benefits. 

Who needs the services of promoters?

  1. Advertisers will be useful to many companies that are interested in rapid development and promotion. Even good products will be unpopular if there is no advertising. It is important to pay attention to a product to gain an advantage over competitors. The promoter consultant will encourage people to take a closer look at the product or service and will also tell you why you need to choose a brand.
  2. Especially promoters are needed by companies and shops offering products. There is always a demand for food, but there is also a lot of competition. It’s important to get people interested and focus on a specific product. 
  3. Consultant services will be useful for brands that sell equipment. Modern technology is evolving rapidly, so you need to keep people up to date with the latest developments. Also, customers need to know what makes one device better than the other. 
  4. Competent advertising will come in handy with a cosmetic product. There is a wide range of products in stores, so it is important to highlight a brand. Buyers should learn about the new product and want to buy it.


Price: 95-110 UAH/hour (depending on the number of people and the project).

*one supervisor can control from three to five points, depending on their location from each other. The cost of the supervisor: 400-450 UAH/day. *break for staff every 2 hours for 15 minutes.

Our company offers experienced promoter-consultants who love their business. They will make sure that the advertising was effective. Call to us already now by phones specified on a site! Consultation on our expert by phone for FREE!