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People who wave flags and banners

People who wave flags and banners – this is a rather interesting type of advertising, which has many features. The first feature is that this advertisement has the property of unobtrusively, but at the same time qualitatively attracting the attention of potential customers. This advertisement is mainly carried out on the streets of the city, where many people pass, and many cars pass by.

Speaking about this advertisement, the question arises, why use people who would wave flags and stand with advertising posters, if you can simply attach a flag or stick a poster on a house or message board.

Yes, of course, the second option would be simpler and cheaper. But not more effective. Since the flags and advertising posters worn by people attract more attention. And this, in turn, for companies whose products or services are offered, means the achievement of expected results and profits.

Let us prove this with a simple example. Every day, on the way to work, you pass by a notice board where a certain advertisement hang. First you pay attention to it but passing by the very next day you can pass by, as you have previously satisfied your curiosity, have already read the information that this poster carries. This is because the advertisement hangs in the same place day by day, it is fixed in your subconscious and causes addiction, repeatedly without arousing interest.


The opposite effect and influence on potential consumers can be observed when talking about the aforementioned “People who waving flags and banners” advertising. As a rule, these people do not stand still. Changing places, they often fall into your circle of vision.

Accordingly, you are more likely to meet with this ad, your interest is growing. And this is the goal of its organizers. An important feature and, without a doubt, the advantage of this advertisement is that compared to the posters that hang on the bulletin board and the commercials that rotate on television, it is characterized by greater accessibility and clarity regarding potential consumers.

After all, a person who is interested in advertising can easily get complete information about a product. To do this, he will not have to call the phone of an advertising company or go to its website. It is enough for him to simply turn to people who wave flags or carry posters and get answers to all questions that interest him.

A very important point in the organization of this advertising is the selection of people who would wave flags and carry advertising posters. Such people should be sociable, open-minded, interested in achieving better results, well-informed about the company and the products they advertise, and, equally important, smiling and friendly.

The next important point is the choice of venue for advertising. As experience has already shown, it is best to conduct such events in places where many people are taking place and, preferably, it would be close to a store or shopping center where you could buy products that are advertised. This is the psychological principle of this advertisement. A potential consumer who is interested in advertising can immediately purchase the goods offered. This is very important, because afterwards he may change his mind or forget about this purchase.

Another important factor in the effectiveness of advertising “People who waving flags and banners” is the time it takes. From our own practice, we concluded that it is better to carry out such actions from nine in the morning until seven in the evening. That is when potential customers are most active and ready to purchase products or use the services that are advertised.

Choosing the company “VLADpromo”, you will choose specialists who skillfully and successfully carry out this action. During our work, we have already compiled our statistics and found the best options for where and when to advertise. We have communicative and responsible people who, starting work, think about its result and do everything to make it the best.

Price: 95-120 UAH / year (depending on the number of people and the project).

*supervisor can control from 3 to 5 points of fallow from rotashuvannya їх one per one (400-450 UAH/day).

*break for staff every 2 hours for 15 minutes.


Additional cost for flag services:

  • people who waving flags on the street (in winter): increases by 5-15 UAH/hour to the price value;
  • people who waving flags on rollers: + 30-40 UAH. to the cost of an hour.


1. Place of advertising (flags and banners)

Our Advertising Agency is engaged in printing (leaflets, flyers, etc.) and everything necessary for carrying out promotions (flags, t-shirts, caps, shirtfronts). We help with the development of layouts. For the service of the people who waving flags, there is also a rental of fishing rods for an advertising campaign. If you need this service – contact our managers, and they will gladly send you a miscalculation.

During our work, we held many promotions that attracted new customers to the store and visitors to beauty salons, medical centers and other places. If you want to increase your customer base, then it’s time to call us and specify the conditions for a future advertising campaign. We will advise you and help you make the right choice of format and scale of the event.

The costs of promoting your business will quickly pay off, because people who waving flags and banners attract an audience here and now, and do not work in the long term. We will help you choose a place where the maximum number of potential consumers will be concentrated, as well as calculate how many people will need to be involved in your campaign.

We have a wide range of additional services that will make this event even larger. We are ready to invite you to conduct a campaign at once at several branches of your network, to invite people who waving flags on roller skates. If the weather is cold and bad, call us anyway – our specialists are not afraid of the cold weather and are ready to work on the street for a small fee even in winter.