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Posting ads, posters in Kyiv

This type of advertising as posting announcements, posters and posters has a lot of advantages and advantages over other types.

First, the main advantage of such advertising is a quick organization. The most difficult stage in posting posters is the creation of advertising media. Pick up staff and choose a place for putting up posters will not be particularly difficult. And the process of pasting is quite simple.

Another undoubted advantage of posting posters, posters, announcements is their cheapness. The cost of this type of advertising is minimal, while the efficiency is very high. The low cost of this type of advertising is due to the low cost of the tools and the small number of employees performing the task.

Also, unlike other types of advertising, when posting leaflets or ads, you do not need to additionally look for a place for this. If you compare the sticking up ads with their direct distribution, you can see a huge plus in the first method. When posting leaflets, they are drawn to the attention of a very wide range of passing people. When distributing ads, only one potential customer is notified. Thus, the effectiveness of posting posters is much more than a simple distribution of advertising. Also, much fewer materials and time are spent on sticking.

The most optimal places for putting up ads are in crowded places. It can be stopped, city transport, advertising boards, poles. At first, glance, posting ads in Kyiv does not bring the proper result due to its low cost and low cost. But this is precisely her trump card. This type of advertising gives very good results without much effort. It’s good enough to choose advertising sites where there are more chances to attract target customers. The high efficiency of posting leaflets and posters due to psychological factors. Its essence is that a person at a subconscious level pays attention to pasted advertising.

Not only that, but he is also more loyal to her. This cannot be said about television commercials. A simple example: you watch your favorite movie, and here begins the advertisement. What are your actions? Correctly, quickly switch to another channel. Another example, you are standing at a bus stop, do not rush anywhere, since your transport is not there. And here your attention is drawn to a beautiful picture hanging on a bulletin board. In most cases, you will read the information written on the booklet. Of all the advantages of posting ads, it is worth highlighting the most important:

  • Minimum time costs
  • An inexpensive form of advertising
  • Reaching many customers
  • The effectiveness of advertising throughout the day

Posting ads is optimal for offers:

  • Sale and purchase of real estate;
  • Jobs and recruitment;
  • Bank services, loans;
  • Repair of machinery and equipment;
  • Sale of machinery and equipment;
  • Courses, schools, classes.

Advertising agency VLADpromo has extensive experience in posting ads and posters. Our experts specifically examined the most promising places in Kyiv for effective advertising campaigns. With the help of our employees, you cannot worry about the quality and speed of posting ads in the city of Kyiv. Also, we try to keep the ad in front of potential customers if possible. After all, the effectiveness of an advertising campaign directly depends on the time it was advertised to a wide range of people.

In addition to the usual posting of posters, our agency offers high-rise posting of announcements up to a height of 3 meters. This type of sticking is convenient because such leaflets hang much longer and are more difficult to re-stick. Typically, high-rise posting of announcements takes place above the porches, on poles or along the road.

Posting formats:

 расклейка объявлений киев

Specialists of the advertising agency VLADpromo will be happy to fulfill your order for posting advertisements in Kyiv. Our employees have extensive experience in building an effective advertising campaign by posting ads, posters and posters.

 The cost of posting ads, posters in Kyiv:



Posting cost, UAH / pcs.

Up to А5

of 1000 pcs.



of 1000 pcs



of 1000 pcs.



of 1000 pcs.



of 500 pcs.

 11,4 -11,5*

Included in the price:

  • the work of stickers and a specialist inspector
  • glue, adhesive tape, the formation of the address program
  • photo report 60-70%
  • A2-A1 * format a car is attached to the sticking-out team
  • glue, adhesive tape, the formation of the address program

The price does not include: printing

Additional cost to services for posting announcements, posters:

  • Posting of announcements (in winter): increases by 10-30% of the price value.
  • High-rise posting of announcements (height 2.5-3 meters): + 1000-1500 UAH to the cost indicated in the table (all ad formats, for 1000 announcements).
  • A6-A3 format, if sticking-up is planned by regions, a car is added to the cost: 800-1200 UAH \ day.

Posting ads will help you find new customers and increase brand or name recognition. Do not deny yourself and your company such a simple and effective promotion.

Employees of our advertising agency Vladpromo will perform work on posting ads with all care and attention to detail. We do not just glue ads on the surfaces available for this, but preliminarily conduct a thorough analysis and place information materials where they will be maximally accessible to the potential client.

These are areas where many people will see the pasted flyer and where they will have the opportunity to study the information in detail, write down the number or tear off a tear-off ticket. This approach to business and explains why your pasted ads will certainly play a role in increasing the income of the company or store.

Order professional posting of announcements in Kyiv today! You will get a quick result, a responsible approach to business and guarantee fulfillment of all tasks. Thanks to the control system, you will be sure that the work is 100% complete.

Increasing loyalty and the influx of new customers – coming soon!