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event агентство

What is an event agency?

The event industry is actively developing in Ukraine. This concept includes such celebrations as weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, anniversaries, presentations, exhibitions, conferences, seminars. An event agency is a company specializing in similar organizations, entertainment events, and promotional events of various formats. What are the advantages of an event agency? First of all, it is an invaluable experience in organizing such events. A potential client insures itself against the...
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организация ивент мероприятий

Professional organization of events in Kyiv

The organization of any type of activity is considered a rather complex undertaking requiring maximum effort. Such a process takes up a great deal of time, requires a certain amount of money, a certain amount of patience, and a must of talent and imagination. The organizer faces several challenges: Prepare a plan for the upcoming celebration; Determine and resolve the issue with the venue; Come up with thematic contests, create a thematic program for participants; Find a suitable menu. And...
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Model search and selection

Modern exhibitions, shows, presentations and festive shows do not do without attracting models. Professional hostess models are present at almost all advertising events. In the vast majority of cases, the profession of hostess involves girls of model appearance (less than boys) who are able to present themselves well, effectively promote the proposed product. Selection of hostess models is a complex and demanding process, candidates must have outstanding external data, defined anthropometric...
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How to carry out a grand opening at a minimal cost?

The opening of a store, shopping center, restaurant, office, or firm is a significant event in the life of each company. Such an event should be held as a special solemnity, using elements of an advertising campaign. The opening event of any format can easily be turned into a bright show, which will contribute to the formation of an initial client base. However, the celebration of the opening requires proper preparation and realization, only then can it produce the expected result of the...
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Business meetings

One of the key factors of a successful business is periodic business events. This includes all kinds of conferences, seminars, forums, presentations, and meetings with business partners. Any of the meeting formats listed will have a wider geographical coverage comparable to standard conference calls. Why organize business meetings? Any event of a business format is an effective tool aimed at obtaining the desired result: Market launch and subsequent promotion of the manufactured...
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Организация праздников в Киеве

Organization of celebrations in Kyiv

The organization of a celebration is a challenging task even for professional event managers and directors of public events. In this area, experience is of great importance, but you need to forget about past successful projects and start over each time. After all, a bright holiday, corporate party, the celebration is an original, fresh concept that can surprise both the hero of the occasion and his guests.  Organization of a celebration: what are the difficulties A great celebration is a...
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Распространение листовок в Киеве и Украине

Distribution of leaflets in Kyiv and Ukraine

The distribution of leaflets in Kyiv and Ukraine is a popular, efficient, and inexpensive way of informing about a product, ideas. The mechanics of this advertising activity are as simple and understandable as possible: an advertisement message was creating, printing materials are producing and printed, and delivered to a potentially interested audience. In addition to leaflets, postcards, newspapers, brochures, flyers, and even catalogs can be printing as printed advertisements.  Distribution...
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Промоутеры с флагами, плакатами

Promoters with flags, posters

Promoters with flags, posters are a special category of agitators who work at promotional events: promotions, exhibitions, events. They wave flags or print products and attract the attention of passers-by. Do you think it’s easy? But no! Therefore, the most responsible, disciplined, and physically strong promoters are involved in such work. Promoters with flags, posters – for the broadest possible information of the audience Promoters, or agitators, perform a variety of marketing...
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Персонал на выставку в Киеве

Personnel for the exhibition in Kiev

The personnel for the exhibition in Kyiv is a key figure in the company’s participation in presentations, exhibitions, conferences. And as exhibitions become a more and more relevant and important tool in marketing, more and more brands are participating in them, it becomes more difficult to find personnel. Professionals are “snatched up” by competitors. Therefore, it is important to start preparing for the exhibition in advance and hire the best specialists who will...
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Promotional models for the exhibition

Exhibitions are bright, noisy BTL events, the purpose of which is to attract consumers to the brand or promote a product or service. They invite high-ranking guests and representatives of the media. During the actions, not only the company’s personnel are involved, but also specially trained models. These are young people with attractive appearance, demonstrating the advertised service, and possessing the ability to show themselves, charm, natural charm. Promo models at the exhibition...
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