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Organization of events in Kyiv

Our event company will help to organize an event of any scale – from promo-action to event of the city level. The main task of the event marketing is to create a positive image of the customer.  Most of those who apply to us want to make their company successful, attract new partners and form a worthy reputation. 

Unlike all types of advertising, events are distinguished by unobtrusive marketing, which does not irritate the consumer.

How do our event managers work?

Preparation of any event begins with the definition of the audience for which it is designed. People invited to the event should be interested in it. Depending on the target audience, tasks are set, and the purpose of the holiday is formulated. 

Working with the customer, our managers individually select the place and time of the event. These components should correspond to the format of the planned event. We find a platform for the event based on the purpose – whether the participants will learn something or they will have to learn about a new product to be introduced to the market, or maybe it will be a business meeting and acquaintance with partners – all these matters when choosing a place. 

We will prepare a platform where you will feel free, comfortable and relaxed. We will think through all the details – from the light to the design of the room. While supervising the holding of events, we develop scenarios that are exclusive and bright. We consider the planned budget and provide information support. 

It is important to inform the expected participants of the event in advance of the upcoming event. The bigger the event, the earlier it is necessary to inform the guests about it. From the forms of notification, we use:

  • Distribution of leaflets
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Advertising in the media
Any mention of an event increases the demand for and interest in it. Therefore, after its completion, the information about the event is re-distributed in the media.

Each event is special. Its holding is remembered by the participants for a long time because of its uniqueness and originality. The positive mood turns partners into active and creative, and competent design and staging make the event unique.  

By providing a full range of services for the preparation, organization, and conduct of event events, we help to solve the following issues of the promoted brand:

  1. We make the company even more successful
  2. Launch the product so that it will be remembered by the consumer
  3. We create a news background to make PR company work
  4. For a long period, we increase sales
  5. We form a club of like-minded people in the company’s team
  6. We promote impulse demand goods

What kind of event we’re doing:

  • presentations
  • exhibitions
  • sporting events
  • promotions
  • business meetings
  • corporate parties
  • negotiation arrangements
  • big mass celebrations
  • conferences and congresses
  • award ceremonies
  • test drives
  • private holidays, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and much more

When an event is internal to a company and is reserved for employees only, it is called Corporate events. This group includes training, corporate events, sporting events, team building. All of them are aimed at team building, development of teamwork and improvement of employees’ work.

The main goal of all corporate events is to increase the attractiveness of the employer by holding events and motivating employees to improve their performance.

For clients and partners, we offer to organize and hold Trade events. These are negotiations, summits, meetings, presentations, conferences, and seminars. They work one step ahead, promoting the product in the market and sharing experience. They are of exclusively business nature.

Play Promotion is a special category of events that we take with pleasure to organize. Such events are organized in the form of a game, their main task is to arouse interest in the product and provide feedback to the consumer.

All other events are called Special events. In most cases, these are mass events that involve many people. They gather a large amount of information about consumers and are aimed at increasing sales. They are memorable for their scale, significance and, in most cases, entertainment. 

To promote the company, we will hold a festival. To increase interest in the brand and make it recognizable, we will organize a lottery or a prize draw. Also, to pay attention to the product being introduced, we will come up with an intriguing shock promotion. 

Event-industry is difficult enough to independently promote your company in the market. And this way of working will be effective only when it is managed by real professionals.

Why our company?

  • Our team has been working in this direction for many years, and we are ready to share our experience with you.
  • We have a good pricing policy.
  •  Our company has dozens of successful events of different scale.
  • From our customers, you can hear only positive feedback about our activities.
  • Event-managers of our agency are people with superpowers. They can perform dozens of tasks simultaneously, have the enthusiasm and always work productively. They are competent in all aspects of the event industry. 

If you are still not sure where to go for help in organizing an event, we invite you to our company. 

Conducting turnkey events is a saving of your time and a hundred percent success in your plans. Call us and tell us your wishes, we will take care of the rest!