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Sampling service

No one would argue that advertising has become an integral part of every person’s life lately. Whether it’s a child, a teenager or an adult, we all meet this or that kind of marketing every day. Marketing is a set of tools that are necessary for the effective functioning of the enterprise. Especially in a highly competitive environment. Sampling is one such tool.

Sampling is a way to stimulate the sale of a company’s products through the free distribution of samples. The main purpose of this type of advertising – to familiarize potential buyers with the product and maximize the demand for it.

At first glance, this way of promoting products on the market and increasing its sales is ineffective. But it is not so. Sampling is one of the most effective ways to make a company known and increase demand for its products. It acts as a unique opportunity for potential customers to get acquainted with the product directly. To see it, to feel it to the touch, to check quality personally. After all, no words will convince a person of something until he or she is convinced of it.

Sampling is realized by distributing samples of the product that is advertised. Distribution of samples consists of the fact that the person who has received a certain product, in addition to free of charge, gets used to it.

When the tester runs out, the person feels the need for this product. And for a long time without thinking, decides to buy it. Having received the product, a person will advise him and his friends, acquaintances, neighbors. So, this type of advertising works. Effectively, efficiently and qualitatively.

Of course, this method has its disadvantages. One of which is that this advertising has a positive result, you need to take care not only of its quality but also the scale. And this, in turn, for the company means significant costs. It is necessary to make a considerable quantity of probes that more people have received them. And, to pay the people who will distribute them. But these costs, according to statistics, are not only covered but also profitable, according to the method of advertising such as sampling. Since this method attracts the attention of consumers, increases the volume of sales and speed of promotion of goods on the market.

Example of sampling in a photo:

To organize a high-quality and productive sampling campaign, it is also very important to select the right people who will conduct this advertising. That is, those who could skillfully, accessibly and qualitatively submit products to potential consumers. Tell about it, convince consumers that it is this company that produces and offers the highest quality products.

Therefore, when we recruit people, we approach this issue responsibly and captiously. In addition to communicability and pleasant appearance, we require our promoters to know the market, experience, determination, ability to find the most correct way out of a situation that would not only satisfy the wishes of consumers but also brought maximum benefit and profit to the company.

Of course, it is much easier to advertise the company’s products, which already have experience and popularity among consumers. But our advertising agency has never refused to offer to engage in advertising the company’s products, which is just beginning to function. Yes, it is a great responsibility and not an easy job.

But for us, it is a worthy challenge. We feel the importance of the case, which is entrusted to us. We treat it with conscience and perseverance. Besides, based on the peculiarities of sampling, we can confidently say that, especially for start-up companies, it is the best way to make a statement in the market.

The cost of our services is presented in the table below

Scope of work

Cost (UAH/hour)

of 40 to 120 hours


of 120 to 500 hours


of 500 to 1000 hours


* One supervisor can control from three to five points, depending on their location from each other. The cost of the supervisor: 400-450 UAH/day.

* Break for staff every 2 hours for 15 minutes.

An additional cost to sampling services

  • sampling with the pronunciation of a short text: increases by 5-10 UAH/hour to the price;
For carrying out of promo-actions in the shopping mall, the exhibition centers, various buildings – the permission for carrying out of the advertising campaign from administration-management is necessary.
Our Advertising agency is engaged in the press of polygraphy (leaflets, flyers etc.) and all necessary for carrying out promo-actions (promo racks, T-shirts, caps, bibs). We help with working out of breadboard models. If you need the given service – address to our managers and they with pleasure will send you miscalculation.