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Category: News

Projects on the distribution of leaflets and sticking of announcements

1) Distribution of leaflets for the bank “Finance and Credit” Brand: Bank “Finance and Credit” Project: Distribution of leaflets at Euro-2012 Coverage: Kyiv Period 2012 During the whole period of Euro 2012 in Kyiv BTL-agency “VLADpromo” organized and conducted the distribution of leaflets for the Bank “Finance and Credit”, aimed at greater product recognition among the target audience. The promoters of our agency had to acquaint the target...Read More »

Hostess Projects

1) Hostess for the presentation of the new Toyota RAV4 Brand Name: Toyota RAV4 Project: Presentation of the new Toyota RAV4 Period: 2012 March 1, 2012, a large-scale official premiere took place in Ukraine – the presentation of the fourth generation of the Toyota RAV4 crossover. The epicenter of the event was in the city of Kyiv on the territory of the NSC Olimpiysky. Six girls – hostesses who hosted the car dealership, registered, offered to visit the activity zones. The female...Read More »

Campaigning and organization of flash mobs (organization of events)

1) Organization of a flash mob for the party “Green Planet”. Format: Organization of a flash mob in Kyiv. Period 2012 A flash mob is an unexpected appearance of strangers in a predetermined place and a given time. In this case, as a rule, the participants in the script perform certain actions. And then they quickly disperse. The flash mob was attended by 200 people.   2) The election campaign in the parliamentary elections -2012 Format: Campaign tents in certain areas of...Read More »

Promotion projects

1) Tasting “Danissimo” Brand: Danon “Danissimo” Project: Danissimo Tasting Format: Tasting Coverage: Kiev Period: 2012 The team of BTL-agency VLADpromo organized tasting of yogurts “Danissimo” in the shops of Kyiv. The tasting was aimed at promoting the Danissimo brand among the target audience, increasing the number of consumers of the brand and increasing the number of sales. In total, we trained 8 promoters, who conducted a tasting of yogurt among the...Read More »

Projects on people who waving flags and posters

1) People who waving flags and posters for the opening of the Comfy appliance store Brand Name: Comfy Project: Opening of the Comfy household appliance store Coating: Kyiv Period: 2011 Our advertising agency organized the grand opening of the Comfy appliance store. The opening took place in the form of a holiday with animators, festive decoration of the store, as well as a prize draw, distribution of gifts, contests and activities. We also prepared a team of people who wave flags and posters...Read More »

Projects for extras 

1) Extras for filming a promo video “Teacher” for Euro – 2012. Format: Extras for filming a clip Period: 2011. The advertising company in the interesting easy form shows, as representatives of different professions, not in a word, and practice get sick not only the Ukrainian football players but also Ukraine, carrying out the business in preparation for the Championship. The project is based on the understanding that some things and events truly unite the people of Ukraine....Read More »