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Promo action in Kyiv – organization, and holding

To increase the number of sales you can use various advertising options. Among them, pure advertising and consumer-promotion are particularly popular. This principle has long been used by companies and corporations that want to increase brand awareness, increase sales and attract new visitors. In the consumer goods and services market, customer motivation to take action is more in demand.

To encourage customers to buy and use effective advertising moves. For example, it is possible to use various types of promotions that are based on user preferences. Our advertising agency has extensive experience in organizing various activities of this kind. Our specialists have extensive experience in organizing and conducting various promotions in Kyiv. We are recommended both by small enterprises and huge companies representing various spheres of services.

Specifics of promotions and campaigns

Promo actions have a wide variety of ways to organize and conduct them. They can be made in the form of a simple presentation of a new product or service of the company and can be held under the guise of gifts to purchase, tastings, etc. Qualitatively performed organization of promo action in Kyiv – is already a large part of success. After a good presentation, the company finds new customers, increases sales and promotes its brand.

Highly qualified promoters and consultants together with the coordinated organization of the visit greatly increase the efficiency of promotions. Experienced promoters easily cope with the task of product advertising, familiarization with its properties, answers to any questions. Ultimately, competent employees will help people to buy goods.

организация промо акций

Before you begin to organize a presentation, you need to prepare carefully. First, it is important to choose the right time and place for the event. If you have good specialists, but to conduct a tasting in the wrong place or at the wrong time, the result will not be. Advertising agency “VLADpromo” using qualified experts without problems will help you to organize the qualitative promo action that as a result will positively affect the schedule of sales.

The presentation is the most effective method of informing the public about the company’s products. It is very useful for beginners, whose products are unknown to a wide range of consumers. Advertising agency “VLADpromo” quickly and efficiently organizes an event of any level at any time convenient for you. Contact our managers by phone specified on a site.

The cost of services is presented in the table below

Service name Scope of work Cost UAH/hour
Buy-receive  of 40 to 120 hours 95
of 120 to 500 hours 90-95
of 500 to 1000 hours 85
Sampling of 40 to 120 hours 95
of 120 to 500 hours 90-95
of 500 to 1000 hours 85
Tastings and consultations (including low alcohol products) of 40 to 120 hours 95
of 120 to 500 hours 90-95
of 500 to 1000 hours 85
over 1000 hours 80

*supervisor usually controls up to five main points depending on their relative position. Estimated cost of work :400-450 UAH/day.
* personnel break every 2 hours for 15 minutes.

Additional value to promotional services

• work with a pronunciation of a short text: increases by 10-20 UAH/h to the price list;

Supervisor tasks:

  • control of promoters and staff;
  • providing the right products;
  • training;
  • report in any form (photo, video).

For carrying out of promo-actions in the shopping mall, the exhibition centers, various buildings – the permission for carrying out of the advertising campaign from administration-management is necessary.

Our Advertising agency is engaged in the press of polygraphy (leaflets, flyers, etc.) and all necessary for carrying out of promo-actions (promo racks, T-shirts, caps, bibs). We help with working out of breadboard models. If you need the given service – address to our managers and they with pleasure will send you miscalculation.

Promo actions – is the excellent tool of advertising of the goods and services, attraction of new and deduction of old clients of the company, timely reminder and informing of potential target audience about its activity. 

Advertising agency “VLADpromo” has extensive experience in organizing promo actions of any orientation, whether it is a presentation of a new brand, opening of another store of the trade network or participation in an international exhibition.

Within the framework of your advertising campaign and in accordance with the set tasks, the specialists of “VLADpromo” will offer optimal variants, select all the necessary personnel, develop, organize and hold any promotional event, starting from the non-standard distribution of flags with the logo of the company and ending with the implementation of “turnkey” competent loyalty program, designed to attract new customers and turn them into regular customers and partners of the company.

We will solve any of your problems in the most optimal terms and will do it professionally taking into account the smallest nuances of your business, promoted goods and individual needs of each your customer. It remains to you only to call us and to sound these problems and the wishes.