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Advertising in elevators

Advertising in elevators (advertising, posters), compared to a new method of advertising TM or service providers. The freshness of this advertising idea positively influences the perception of potential consumers of the information contained on the stand, surface.

This type of advertising is subject to “forced viewing” in a confined space, which affects the popularity of goods among consumers unconditionally. Information of advertisers is placed separately to make the effectiveness of advertising high for everyone.

реклама в лифтах

Advertising in elevators and its advantages:

  • Guaranteed contact with advertising with a potential consumer. In a small room, it is simply impossible not to notice the advertising.
  • To influence the target audience.
  • High frequency of advertising contacts with the population, in the shortest possible time to remember advertising information.
  • Low cost of this segment of the advertising campaign.
  • Transparent statistics of advertising efficiency.
  • Possibility to send advertising messages to specific addressees. Such advertising allows you to sort the audience by income level and develop a special address program.