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Advertising leaflet rules

Adjusting the template of the flyer can increase the effectiveness of such an advertising campaign at times. But there are also such unsuccessful advertisements that can only harm the advertised product or new brand. Distribution of leaflets is one of the main ways to convey information to the consumer.

To flyer cope with the task, we offer you a few rules that follow when creating a layout of leaflets, you will ensure their effectiveness:

1. From glance, the potential consumer should understand that advertising leaflet (clothes, real estate, banking services, etc.). In this case, it is appropriate to use a large font, the proposed proposal should interest the person, otherwise, he will not react to the leaflet and will pass by the material distributed.

Do not focus on the location of the key phrase, because when a cursory viewer reads not only from top to bottom, and in a hasty manner.

2. The next thing the potential consumer will pay attention to is the attractiveness of the offer (discounts, high rates, etc.). The font of the text should be large enough but still yield to the key phrase.

3. the main text of the advertisement should be very simple and sound as positive as possible. The slogan should consist of a maximum of six words understandable to all. Be sure, the advertising text should radiate a positive.

4. the text content should be minimal. The content of the leaflet should be brief about the main thing. Remember that this is an advertisement, not an informative article.

5. Create a reason to keep the leaflet longer:

– Make the leaflet a discount coupon or a tasting, promotional service coupon;

– The leaflet can gain value if it contains useful information (subway scheme, calendar for the year, list of essential phones, money leaflet, etc.).