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Advertising on the street

Proper organization of the advertising campaign will help accelerate the development of new projects and maintain the popularity of existing ones.

Advertising agency “VLADpromo” is ready to take care of the development and implementation of advertising projects of any complexity.

We provide a full range of advertising btl-services, and one of the most popular in our agency is deservedly considered the distribution of advertising on the street.

Key principles of street advertising distribution

By contacting the advertising agency VLADpromo, you can order not only individual services for the distribution of advertising on the streets of the city. At your disposal – a full range of advertising services to promote new brands, brands, promotions.

Distribution of advertising on the streets of the city – the fastest and most accessible way to attract the target audience, and sometimes leaflets are almost the only effective way to inform your customers about upcoming events. Thus, by distributing leaflets Kyiv on the streets of the city you can quickly inform citizens about any upcoming event: from the action in the nearest store to the opening of a new shopping center or a grand concert.

Having ordered distribution of leaflets from the agency “VLADpromo”, you will get a lot of advantages:

  • Perfect quality. Our employees will think through the structure of the entire advertising campaign in detail. We will consider every request and do everything possible to achieve the highest possible results.
  • Efficiency. We guarantee that the advertising campaign will be developed and carried out in the shortest possible time. We value your time.
  • The maximum efficiency. We always work on the result, therefore we aspire to make your advertising as much as possible effective.

The command of high-quality experts-advertisers will help you to develop the design of leaflets, to think over optimum terms and geography of carrying out of an advertising campaign.

The widest range of services

Advertising agency “VLADpromo” provides a full range of advertising services. Distribution of advertising on the street – only one of the dozens of tasks that are effectively solved by our specialists.

You can entrust our agency’s advertising team with any promo-actions. We also are ready to provide effective pre-election agitation, the qualitative organization of flashmobs.