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Advertising rules that work

When developing advertising, the most important thing is to present the product in a favorable light and inspire a potential buyer without this product, services, etc. you cannot do without it. How to do this not to spend a lot of money and stay with nothing.

правила рекламы которая работает

1. A specific goal

In advertising the result is important! The objectives of the advertiser at the stage of development of advertising should be extremely specific, up to the desired % growth in profits for a certain period. At such a statement of the task, work is simplified and increases the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

The goal must be achievable. If, according to the sales department, the profit grows within 18% per quarter, then even after a brilliant advertising campaign should not expect a profit of 200% compared to the previous reporting.

The advertiser who has set goals for advertisers must have clear criteria for evaluating the work performed. Otherwise, even the choice of advertising materials will belong.

2. Verification of efficiency

Advertising is subject to all sales laws because it is an important link that reduces the distance between the product and the buyer.

We can highlight the main ways of advertising influence on the subconscious of customers:

  • Text messages. Briefness and accessibility – a chance to be noticed.
  • Non-verbal channels. Positions of people in advertising should correspond to both the verbal content of advertising and the mood that it should cause the population.
  • Color and sound. The right choice of color and sound content most effectively affects the mind of the buyer. Leave this to specialists.

Advertising should not be original it should fulfill its mission. When checking her work, it is necessary to know that a person reacts not to individual particles, but to the overall picture, which consists of many elements, as in a house of cards, removing one element at the risk of the entire construction and advertising loses its power over the mind of the buyer.

Any advertising slogan must correspond to the stages of the advertising campaign. The initial stage of advertising – do not weigh the special obsession, avoid dirty comparison of similar products of competing firms. When a friendly contact is established, you can tell more about the product. At the final stage, the advertiser can inform the potential buyer of the price of the goods. Also, do not forget to create a positive image of the founder of the company, a couple of % of the profit you earn on this.

We hope that this article will help to avoid a few common mistakes and your advertising campaign will be as good as possible!