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Body art models

People have different attitudes towards body art, but one thing is for sure that it is a modern art direction and it deserves attention and respect. It is about using the human body as a canvas on which interesting stories are born, sometimes even incredible images. Skin is an incredibly large “platform” for the embodiment of fantasy. Some people perceive body art simply as a simply beautiful picture on the naked back, another part of the body. It is nothing but a reflection of the state of the soul, the inner world, which each of us is incredibly rich. Body art in Kyiv is widespread, not an exception are other large cities of our country. This explains the demand for body art models, which could for some time become a canvas for a real professional.


Historical information

Body art was born in the early twentieth century. It was in 1910 that the art of body art was born. M.F. Larionov announced that “it is time for art to invade our lives”. And it all began with the coloring of faces when Larionov applied the idea to himself and his friends. In 1913, namely September 14, a group of people with painted faces went for a walk on the famous Kuznetsky bridge.

The popularization of body art is celebrated since the early 60s of the last century, he became famous in Europe. Then it was one of the important “elements” of the aesthetic revolution of avant-garde. The aim was to oppose social stereotypes. Once upon a time, body art objects were their bodies. They covered them with minerals, which are calcium sulfate mixed with water (plaster), made incisions, carried out breathing noticeably exhausting exercises. At the same time, several other directions for this kind of art developed. The human body was used for make-up and costume purposes.

Body art variants

Today there are many varieties of the described art form. For example:

  • Body painting – without exaggeration, it can be called the most common type of art. Here the main place for creativity is the face, body;
  • Tattooing – in this case, it means implantation of dyeing pigment into the skin. The distinctive characteristic of the given direction is that drawing is eternal. It cannot be washed away by any means;
  • Piercing – not everyone knows, but it is also one of the body art directions. Its essence consists in the fact that objects are slipped into the pre-made holes in the body.

There are also such directions as scarring (it means that scars in the form of patterns and drawings are made on the body), implantation (foreign structures and materials are implanted into the tissues). This is not the whole list of incredible transformations that people will decide on. But we will talk in more detail about the paintings on the body.

Body art requires patient models

I would like to repeat that in the modern world the described kind of art is in demand. Nowadays, there are more and more specialized salons in big cities, where the opportunity to master simple at first glance art is provided.  To turn even a small part of the human body into a masterpiece, a great deal of work needs to be done.

If you need body art models in Kyiv, we are ready to help you find them. We are talking about people who are ready to help masters of painting. They allow you to paint your body, which is completely naked. Nowadays, this occupation is the same work as, for example, a model, a model. We are often approached by advanced studios, where real professionals work. People who are ready to work as body art models get good reward for their perseverance and patience.

Basic requirements for body art models

Our agency has been working for a long time, the main direction of our activity is the provision of BTL-services, organization of massages, commercial enterprises, as well as model management in Kyiv. If you are looking for people to draw on, then you have come to the address. Our candidates meet several requirements, one of the main for body art is a young, well-developed body that has a minimum number of deficiencies. We pay special attention to the face during the selection process. Skin is not less important because it plays the role of a canvas. Ideal for smooth, hairless and scar-free skin.

Earlier it was mentioned that the modeler is required to be patient, patience because the process of painting on the body takes a lot of time. It can last for hours, and the model must remain calm, hostile and capricious are unacceptable, because it can adversely affect the result of the master’s work. It will also be necessary to wait until the paints are completely dry, so as not to lubricate the pattern.

Even if you need a body art model that could be not only static but also somehow moved to complement the image, we can find a candidate for this role. Such persons usually must have the basics of acting. I would like to note that it is not easy to stand still for hours, depicting a statue. If you decide to ask our agency for help, you won’t regret it, because we approach each task individually and professionally. On a site, you can find more detailed information on cooperation with us, and contacts on which it is possible to contact our managers.