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BTL events

BTL event – is an advertising campaign, which is presented directly where the consumer decides to purchase the advertised goods or services.

Such promotions are held in the points of sale and promotion – ideally simulated situation: the potential consumer can see for himself the advantage of the offered goods or services (try in action, taste, go through the promotional procedure, etc.).

The main plus of BTL promotions is to influence the minds of consumers now of the decision to buy the advertised thing.

During the BTL-event in Kyiv promoters of different specializations, which is represented by our advertising agency, not only bring “dry” information about the advertised brand, but also bring a part of their faith in this product and will be able to show all its advantages. Each BTL-campaign is aimed at its consumer audience, and this increases the number of potential customers.

We offer:

– Development of an interesting scenario and mechanism of the BTL-event.

– The professionalism of the promotional staff.

– Full control of BTL-campaign.

– Full reporting and analysis of BTL-events.