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Campaigning and organization of flash mobs (organization of events)

1) Organization of a flash mob for the party “Green Planet”.

Format: Organization of a flash mob in Kyiv.

Period 2012

A flash mob is an unexpected appearance of strangers in a predetermined place and a given time. In this case, as a rule, the participants in the script perform certain actions. And then they quickly disperse. The flash mob was attended by 200 people.


2) The election campaign in the parliamentary elections -2012

Format: Campaign tents in certain areas of Kyiv

Period 2012

In 2012, a powerful election campaign was held for many parties. Campaign tents were organized in different districts of Kyiv, for more informing people about the candidates for elections. About 50 people were involved.


3) Pre-election posting (Legislative Election -2012)

Format: Pre-election posting in Kyiv.

Period 2012

They held very large pre-election posters all over Kyiv, for various candidates for the Parliamentary elections – 2012. To make people from different residential districts of Kyiv more familiar with the candidates. About 25 people were involved.


4) Organization of events

Format: organization of events, promotions

Period: 2010 – 2015

“Organization of events” in English means “meeting”, in other words, it is a set of people, a meeting of a certain group of people. Usually, such groups gather for various reasons and topics. This group has an undetermined number of people because everyone who shares their views can join them. Usually, the venue of the institution, open areas, squares.


Since 2010, the RA VLADpromo has held many interesting flash mobs, promotions that have brought more than one positive review. For all the years of work, we gave life to more than 30 projects that did not leave anyone indifferent. You can talk and write about our projects forever, so you can view all the photos from the events in the section – Our projects.