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Shooting in the crowd scene

Probably one of the most interesting and exciting types of acting is participation in crowd scene (crowds). Such participation gives a huge experience, a person gets a lot of new emotions and pleasure from the filming process. Moreover, you can feel the whole atmosphere that hides the scene, to take part in your favorite show, TV series or movie. Also, it is a way to make money. A good mood will be guaranteed for you because crowds are not just shooting, it is always a sea of positive emotions and unforgettable situations.

Features of shooting in the crowd

Anyone can withdraw in the crowd regardless of age and life priorities. This type of work will be most relevant for those people who are looking for their vocation in culture and want to become professional actors. Sassing is always a new precious experience in the big way of becoming a true actor. It is by playing episodic roles in mass scenes, you can show your talent. Besides, taking part in the shooting process only a couple of times, you can confidently decide on your choice. It is worth to continue your acting career or stop at the achieved result. Having felt the whole filming process on yourself, a person can determine whether his ideas about the acting career are correct.

The main feature of shooting crowd is that sometimes from the overall picture can be highlighted its brightest elements. These are the actors who may in the future participate in the roles of the second and third plan. As you can see, shooting in the crowd can give rise to a great acting career. Which, by the way, often happened in the history of big movies. But to pretend to something more serious than an episodic inconstant role you need to be very persistent and talented. To date, the most popular areas of massaging are TV programs, talk shows. No less relevant are massages for serials or shooting mass scenes in commercials.

If we are talking about the method of selecting people for the crowd, it’s all simple. The customer in advance specifies the necessary types and characters of actors for mass scenes. Our specialists prepare a group of actors for the given characteristics (sex, age, clothing style, hairstyle, hair color, equipment, etc.). Each project requires its own set of actors and types. But in the advertising market, there is a demand for some types to a greater extent. Some actors are shot in mass scenes for many years (up to 10 and more). It is these people who are a constant and stable source of popularity, as they are recognized by directors. The interesting fact is that if you look at the crowds of different TV programs on the same channel, you can get to know the same persons.

Not the least motivating factor for being in the crowd is pay. So how much does an average actor of mass scenes get? If you work only on weekends, you can get from 500 to 1000 UAH per month. If you give a full massing during the whole working month, you can earn about 3000 UAH. An important feature is that commercials are paid several times more expensive than participation in talk shows and shows.

Actors with a portfolio have a much better chance of permanent work in the mass shooting. To do this, you need to make at least one or two photo shoots that would show their features, type, style of clothing, etc. If you want to participate in the shooting, make sure to register and add your profile to Youneed service: