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Distribution in traffic jams

The method of truly effective impact on human consciousness is the distribution of information booklets, the so-called leaflets. It is this kind of advertising service that is available to you – you just need to use the help of our advertising agency.

The principle of distribution is based on the direct contact of the promoter – the one who distributes the flyers – and the person who is invited to learn about new products, services, events and the like.

Distribution in traffic jams is deservedly considered the most effective method of distributing promotional products. It was then that motorists tired of forced idleness would be happy to read the information he proposed.

Indisputable advantages of the method:

  • Due to congestion at rush hour, traffic jams are a frequent occurrence on the roads of any large city, which increases the mass distribution efficiency of leaflets.
  • It is possible to predict the occurrence of traffic jams due to the knowledge of the approximate load level of the highway – accordingly, it is easy to calculate the approximate number of potential customers.
  • The media quickly monitor the situation on the roads, which makes it possible to send promoters to the necessary site.
  • It is possible to provide many people with leaflets since car owners cannot leave their car on the road unattended.
  • More than half of the drivers are interested in the leaflets offered for familiarization in the hope of passing the time spent forcibly in traffic jams.

How we are working?

Using the immobility of vehicles, we clearly define the most promising category of customers in terms of advertising returns. The most successful promotion companies and companies, to which our organization is adjacent, distribute advertising leaflets and leaflets, often referred to as “flyers”, and conduct regular staff training. With an increase in practical experience, based on a solid knowledge of the theory of the distribution of advertising, the efficiency of leaflet distribution in Kyiv, which is traceable by the level of advertising return, increases many times.

Particular attention is paid to safety. An extensive briefing on the rules of conduct on the roadway is carried out to avoid emergency and dangerous situations.

Distribution of advertising leaflets is controlled by supervisors who evaluate the success and effectiveness of the promoters distributing leaflets.

Traffic jams – a temporary phenomenon, but regularly occurring on the roads of large cities. Experienced employees of companies and companies involved in the distribution of promotional products in traffic jams can quickly and efficiently move to where the probability of a new traffic jam is high. The priority of the area, the number of lanes of vehicles in two directions, the presence of traffic lights and traffic control points are considered.

Advertising distributors with little experience in distributing leaflets and booklets often do not consider many interrelated factors and stupidly spend the finances of an advertiser who does not receive effective returns from his work.

It is much more convenient to use the services of a reputable company, such as VLADpromo, to get the most out of handing out leaflets. We have many positive reviews from customers, so we know for sure that by contacting our studio you will receive long-awaited results from your advertising campaign.