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Distribution of flyers in Kiev: how does it work?

Distribution of flyers (ads leaflets) occupies a special niche in promoting a brand or trademark. To date, there is no more effective way to advertise your company. An advertising flyer that has all the necessary information about a company, product or service is quickly turning into a tool to attract new target customers. A properly organized advertising campaign brings huge returns.

Раздача флаеров в Киеве

Advertising flyer – this is one of those rare cases when the auxiliary tool in the promotion of your business has no drawbacks. On the contrary, the advertising leaflet has a number of advantages:

  • This is the most inexpensive and effective type of advertising;
  • advertising leaflet can be used in almost all areas of activity;
  • can be distributed anywhere (distribution of flyers Kiev and the region);
  • advertising leaflet makes it possible to work with the target audience;
  • the ideal tool for one-time promotions and offers with a limited validity period.

The content of the advertising flyer itself plays a huge role. First of all, it is necessary to determine the information you want to draw people’s attention to. If at this stage you have any questions, our experts will be able to prompt the most effective way to design flyers. As practice shows, most often this advertising tool is used during the actions, sales and special offers, the effect of which is very limited.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that advertising flyers with a discount of 3 – 5% for a long time no one is attracted to. In this case, a stunning effect you can hardly wait. Truly magical influence have a flyer with the numbers 20, 30, etc. A properly designed flyer is 80% of the success of the whole campaign. It should contain the following information: the name of the company that holds the campaign, the place and time of its implementation, as well as key conditions.


Advertising agency VLADpromo offers these types of distribution of flyers:

  • Henger distribution (paper signs with a neckline for door handles);
  • Distribution of flyers in Kiev (on the streets, exhibitions, shopping malls, near the subway, station, etc.);
  • Distribution of leaflets to residents of buildings
  • Distribution of advertisements in mailboxes.