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Distribution of leaflets at the crossroads of Kyiv

Distribution of leaflets at intersections will ensure maximum coverage of the target audience of potential consumers. Such advertising will help to promote your business, and we will help in the implementation of advertising ideas.

It should be noted that the most effective distribution of leaflets at intersections in rush hour when the maximum number of cars on the road.

The most effective hours of morning distribution on weekdays – from 8:00 to 11:00, evening distribution – from 16:00 to 19:00.

In one distribution, regardless of morning or evening, you can distribute up to 350 leaflets on average. The number of flyers distributed can be a ring from the weather, season and the format of leaflets.

On the level of professionalism of the promoter depends on the quality of advertising – the distribution of leaflets at the intersections of Kyiv. To increase the effectiveness of the promoter and the advertising campaign itself, it is necessary to equip the advertiser with a special form with the logo of the advertised brand. Drivers gladly take advertisements from smiling people.

Distribution of leaflets at the intersections of Kyiv and its effectiveness

The success of this promotion is also influenced by the appearance of the leaflets distributed:

1. The quality of printing should be at a high level.

2. the leaflet should correspond to the style of the advertised TM.

3. Placement on the leaflet, except for advertising, for example, the latest news from the car world, has a positive effect on the perception of advertising information by the audience.

Every year, this type of advertising in Kyiv is gaining popularity, through increasing the number of cars on the roads.