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Distribution of leaflets (flyers) in mailboxes

Distribution of leaflets (flyers) in Kyiv (business cards, price lists, mini-catalogues, booklets) in mailboxes – fast and cheap PR, rapid informing of potential consumers about new promotions or opening of a new store.
нового магазина.

Distribution of leaflets and flyers in the mailboxes is quite old, but still an effective and relevant method of promoting a new brand or service because it has several advantages, namely:

  • the speed of distribution of printed information;
  • low price;
  • targeting a specific audience (up to and including a district or a specific house);
  • Freedom to choose the format of the flyer and the content.

Unaddressed mailing is good because you establish contact with a potential consumer, leaves the feeling of personal nature and allows the client to contact you (placement of a questionnaire to obtain a discount). Appearance and text contents are the image of your company and the preparation of a leaflet to provide professionals.

Distribution of leaflets in Kyiv in mailboxes is an accessible, flexible, selective element of effective promotion of TM.