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Distribution of leaflets for car wipers

The layout of advertising material for car wipers. In Kyiv, there is a very effective method of product promotion. This method of providing advertising information is convenient in places of accumulation of cars: parking, parking, traffic jams at rush hour.

Distribution of leaflets for car windshield wipers is convenient to carry out in car-care centers, near insurance companies and specialized auto shops. In this case, leaflets can cover many cars in a short time, which will have a positive impact on the PR of your product.

Also, you can apply the targeting method – choose a certain class of cars, which already indicates the status of the owners. Thus, you can choose the target audience, which will certainly be interested in the advertised products.

This is a good way to make yourself known by the fact that the flyer or leaflet with all the information falls right into the hands of a potential consumer. And he will be able to get acquainted with it at any time. Do not miss the factor of fast and massive advertising.

It will not be superfluous and layout of leaflets for car windshield wipers near institutions: cafes, restaurants, clubs, fitness centers, shopping and entertainment centers. Advertising will also be effective in residential areas when informing about the opening of a store nearby.

This type of advertising will always pay attention to itself if it is properly executed. The flyer should be small, have a glossy coating and a large font of the highlighted phrase.

Having chosen the company “VLADpromo”, you will choose specialists who skillfully and successfully conduct this action. During our work, we have already made the statistics and have found the best variants of where and when to carry out advertising.