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Distribution of leaflets in Kyiv and Ukraine

The distribution of leaflets in Kyiv and Ukraine is a popular, efficient, and inexpensive way of informing about a product, ideas. The mechanics of this advertising activity are as simple and understandable as possible: an advertisement message was creating, printing materials are producing and printed, and delivered to a potentially interested audience. In addition to leaflets, postcards, newspapers, brochures, flyers, and even catalogs can be printing as printed advertisements. 

Distribution of leaflets in Kyiv and Ukraine: the effectiveness of the promotion method has been proving by practice

The distribution of leaflets, or leafleting, is one of the earliest methods of advertising. Handwritten flyers containing information, primarily political or religious, and hand-to-hand, existed as long as 500 years ago. And the first printed advertising booklets appeared in France in the 18th century – advertised the production of industrial enterprises. Later, used the leaflets to agitate for political leaders or specific ideas. Today, they are one of the most popular means of informing business, politics, and public life.

Advertisements with leaflets and newspapers quickly became popular due to their efficiency. The information is better understood when it is giving. When a person shuts down a social media feed or looks at boards in a bus window, their brain is not tuned to read attentively. It is challenging to interest them. If a potential client took a leaflet, a card, a booklet, discovered it, and began to read it consciously, the effect is entirely different.

Second, but not least, the success factor of Leafleting is cost. The difference in budgets when advertising on television or boards and information through printed products differs dozens of times. And this is with greater efficiency and involvement in the process of a potential Leafleting client.

How to arrange distribution of leaflets?

There are several distribution mechanisms:

  • distribution in the streets to bystanders;
  • distribution or layout at the point of sale of the goods where the interested customer/buyer may take them;
  • address distribution to mailboxes.

The last option is the most effective. In this case, the person is already in the mood to receive information from the correspondence delivered to him, so he will undoubtedly examine the report. Other benefits include:

  • targeting specific target audiences. If you distribute advertisements for a new supermarket or swimming pool, a candidate for deputy from the district, will give the leaflets to the residents of the neighboring houses. They will be interested in the message – the principle of geographical proximity works;
  • allows covering the maximum number of addressees. The leaflet is not received by random passers-by but by all residents of the area. Plus, information reaches older people who do not use social media and cannot otherwise get them;
  • the possibility to organize systematic distribution and to inform potential buyers, customers, and voters about new actions, initiatives, discounts, and products;
  • efficiency. The action can be prepared and carried out as soon as possible, in just a few days (taking into account the creation of printing materials);
  • affordable cost.

Another popular form is the distribution of hangers or leaflets that hang on the door handle. Because of their unusual format and stylish appearance, they attract increased attention from the audience.

Distribution of leaflets in Kyiv and Ukraine

Distribution of leaflets from PA VladPromo: benefit and comfort

The VladPromo advertising agency provides a full-cycle range of services and activities in the BTL segment. Among the most sought-after and often ordered are leaflets.

The company has offices in the largest cities of the country – Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), and Lviv. But it is possible to arrange distribution and distribution of leaflets in other localities, literally cover with your advertising all of Ukraine.

PA VladPromo guarantees that employees will perform their work in a high quality, timely and accurate manner. Often the low efficiency of this promotional activity is the cause of an exclusively final performer, promoter. Instead of a mailbox, printing ends up in a Dumpster. A dozen brochures are placing in one drawer (which causes the addressee not interest but annoyance), work is delaying. The client receives a message about stocks that have already been terminating.

VladPromo will not do that. Their promoters are motivated, disciplined, and productive. They’re communicative, they look neat, they know, and they follow etiquette. VladPromo promoters receive explicit instruction on how to do and what to do before starting the activity. In addition, the supervisor monitors the performers. Photo reports are providing on the results of the work.

It can enhance the effect of distributing leaflets if the promoter hands out the flyer and tells about the product or service, answering the audience’s questions. It’s possible to do it on the street or in the sales area. If this is a mailbox distribution, the printer should have the site’s address or page on social networks where can obtain additional information.

The service is available at cost. And the more print runs you need to distribute, the lower the price will be. To calculate the marketing activity budget, you can contact the company managers. They will do it for free. And then they’ll answer all the questions.

Distribution of leaflets in Kyiv and Ukraine will allow you to tell about your product or initiative to as many people as possible, intrigued to learn more, and declare yourself loudly.