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Distribution of leaflets in the mall

Distribution of leaflets is not without reason considered one of the most popular and quite effective methods of attracting customers. Such an advertising campaign allows you to well promote your product or service. However, to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to consider several nuances.

Advertising Campaign: Promoters, Distribution of Flyers

One of the most important factors affecting the success of the entire advertising campaign is the place of distribution of flyers (the so-called flyers). It is necessary to choose places where many people gather or pass. This will allow the distribution of many printing products to various social and demographic groups. This considers the specifics of the product or service. This campaign attracts professionals whose work is friendly, unobtrusive and decorated with a mandatory sincere smile.

In big cities, a metro station can be called a suitable venue for such an action. There are always a lot of people, you just need to choose a convenient place where there is no crush and promoters will not interfere with the townspeople.

If many people do not use the metro, then everyone buys food, household chemicals and other necessary household products. It is about shopping centers.

Why is the distribution of leaflets in the mall particularly effective

Through the distribution of flyers in the mall, your product is noticed by all social groups. It also allows you to distance yourself from competitors and emphasize your personality.

Our promoters do not stand in one place. Dynamics makes it possible to interest people in a larger territory. Do not worry about possible complaints from the administration of the mall. Our employees are instructed that they should not interfere with the work of sellers. No leaflets are thrown away – our specialists are also informed about this. Also, they are monitored and monitored. You can also visit them at any time and see how the work goes.

You can often come across an ad like “distribution of leaflets in Kyiv.” It is worth noting that we do not just hand out business cards or brochures. First, we carry out an advertising campaign that causes interest among others, and not an annoyance. Specially selected young people (you can select them yourself) make a favorable impression, causing people emotion – the first marketing step on the path to selling a product or service.

Advantages of distributing leaflets “VLADpromo”

What do you get thanks to the distribution of leaflets:

  • after the distribution of flyers with the advertisement for your services and/or goods, the potential client carries with him the phone number of your company, address and other contact details, a schematic map of the location and a good first impression;
  • through a discount or special offer described on the booklet, the company personally addresses the consumer. He can easily put a leaflet in his wallet – the main thing is that the design and typography of typographic products attract the buyer no less than a profitable offer;
  • choose the target audience. Being guided by external signs and age, leaflets get to those people who are interested in your services or goods;
  • A good choice of geography also increases the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Properly conducted by the VLADpromo agency, the campaign will be a good source of customer acquisition for your company. Have questions? Call now.