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Distribution of leaflets on the street in Kyiv

Distribution of leaflets on the street is a popular form of advertising. Distribution of leaflets can be a full-fledged advertising campaign, and one of its components. This type of advertising is ideal for the promotion of a new TM, informing potential consumers about a new product or special offer. The effectiveness of such an action depends on several factors, the main of which are:

  • place and time of distribution of leaflets;
  • content and appearance of advertising material;
  • promoters who are directly involved in distribution.

On these factors in a complex, depends on the result of an advertising campaign.

Advantages of distributing leaflets on the street in Kyiv

The pros are obvious.  This is a good way to attract the maximum number of customers because the passerby has your business card with contact information (address, phone number, sales outlet, route map). If your product has a narrow target audience, you can limit yourself to distributing it in the most justified place. A big plus of such an advertising campaign is not a high cost. Practically in all typographical centers’ favorable offers for large circulation.

What to wear a promoter

For the effectiveness and efficiency of the campaign, it is necessary to wear promoters in clothing with the logo of the advertised brand. If the budget is limited, it is necessary at least to make T-shirts with the TM logo for promoters.

Where and when to distribute leaflets in Kyiv

It is necessary to choose a public place with the largest number of the target audience of the advertised product, service. Recommended time for distribution of leaflets in Kyiv – morning and evening rush hour, as well as the afternoon. But it should also be noted that in the morning people are scattered and run on their own business, distribution will not be 100% effective.