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Distribution of letters at the subway

Surely, many citizens of the metropolis, which is the city of Kyiv, often noticed stylish young and not-so-good people handing out handouts, nicely decorated booklets and laconic leaflets near the metro.

раздача листовок Киев

The most experienced leaflet dispensers at a glance determine with which category of people interaction will be most effective and useful.

And yet, why do you need to distribute leaflets at the subway?

A great way to report a new product/service

Tell us more about the new campaign

Report on the promotional offer of retailers

Notify the potential buyer of the discount system

To tell about the future event – exhibition, concert, show.

The main difference from an advertising media company in the media is that it is the distribution of leaflets that allows you to clearly navigate the pre-defined category of the population. The choice takes place on the basis of the preliminary analysis made by managers, which is carried out on the basis of the effectiveness of feedback from advertising distribution.

Naturally, it makes sense to entrust the distribution of advertising to real professionals, which, for example, work in the advertising agency “VLADpromo”. The explanation is as simple as it is difficult to organize the effective distribution of leaflets to inexperienced people. Despite the apparent simplicity of the process, it is desirable to carry out the distribution with maximum efficiency. Moreover, that professionally organized distribution of leaflets can not only increase your sales and interest in potential buyers, but also to raise their spirits. Believe me, after such a client will definitely appeal only to you!

Agency “VLADpromo” provides the maximum efficiency, using the following:

  • Distribution of leaflets at the subway station: the most efficient time is chosen, with a large passenger flow, in the places of the greatest congestion of people – traffic interchanges, final stations of residential areas.
  • Employees have a presentable, trustworthy appearance, unobtrusive, correct behavior and extensive experience.
  • In the presence of the special requirement to distribution of leaflets, our dispensers can be dressed in the special suits reflecting an essence of an advertising campaign or the forthcoming action.

It is difficult to overestimate the correct design of advertising products. Abundance of bright, obtrusive figures on the background of uninformative, unreadable text of the flyer negates all costs and expectations. Uncomfortable format that does not fit easily in the pocket, most likely, will be sent as quickly as possible in the nearest urn or thrown into a bag, lost among other unnecessary papers.

The optimal variant is the method of design, in which extremely concisely, in a memorable form, the information is communicated to the potential buyer or the participant of the events. Thus the increased attention should be paid to the target audience – many factors are taken into account: average age, marital status, projected total income, interests.

An important advantage of advertising distribution is that you will be able to interact with the right category of the population, and you will be able to take into account not only its age factor, gender or nationality, but also territorial features. Thus, you will be able to cover advertising distribution as the entire city, and specifically selected residential areas, business centers, educational institutions, etc.

We carry out distribution of leaflets in Kiev – the most favorable for this city

Historically, Kiev is a city of high culture, with ancient traditions, and inhabited by intelligent and intelligent people. The trade potential of the metropolis is huge – a lot of cultural events are regularly held both in the city and outside it. Folklore festivals and concerts of the leading stars, new goods, various services – everything is in demand and interesting in the capital. Free advertising, perhaps, gives results, but is not comparable less than the distribution of leaflets. Who will be able to ignore a smiling girl, a young man or a solid citizen, offering – for free – stylish advertising? Interest is aroused by functional advertising – with the addition of a calendar for the current year, with the ability to write something on a leaflet or having a magical inscription “discount”, made as a free ticket to some interesting event.

Not badly proved themselves leaflets in the form of business cards, indicating addresses and phones.

Advertising distribution of leaflets at the subway – this is a great way to make yourself known to a large number of potential customers. Trust this task to the professionals of the company “VLADpromo” and you will be surprised how quickly and easily such advertising will allow you to achieve your objectives.