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Distribution of letters

What does leaflet distribution use for?

The abundance of advertising in crowded places, in transport, in the subway, on advertising platforms and on television merges into one continuous stream. Yes, we agree that advertising should be profitable, and that’s why our company is engaged in the most effective, judging by the latest research in the field of marketing, distribution of advertising information. We carry out an indirect effect on a person using leaflets, carefully handing them right in hand.

Распространение рекламных листовок

Why is the method called “indirect exposure”?

  • First of all, we do not intrusively impose a product or service – our company informs a person that an advertising campaign will occur or have already begun in the near future, participating in which you can profitably purchase a product or service.
  • The lively communication of our promoters, those who distribute leaflets, with people plays an important role – always a person will believe more in another person, and not in soulless advertising in the form of flashy advertising stands.
  • The keen interest in everything new, inherent in the representatives of the human race, allows us to hope that the maximum number of people will want to know about the announced event and will not push away the hand that holds out leaflets with respect to it.
  • An important advantage of such advertising is that, even throwing out a subsequently read booklet or flyer, the information received will be recorded for a long time in the person’s subconscious. That is why this type of advertising is considered one of the most effective.

What’s a promotion for?

First of all, to inform a group of potential consumers that some event will happen, which will be beneficial to both the customer and the consumer.

In practice it looks like this:

  • A man realizes, for example, the dream of his life and opens his own business. Starting the first steps in the person of a private entrepreneur, he becomes the owner of a small shop, cafe, auto shop, laundry, hairdresser’s, Internet club, or advertising edition. Variants can be different. At the first stage of business it is expedient to involve as much as possible people living in this area. An effective way – to order information when used to distribute leaflets – to the addresses, directly near the opened object or for the most promising, as future customers, the stratum of the population.
  • A large retail chain launches a comprehensive sale of goods, using different marketing moves – each subsequent product in the receipt is cheaper, savings discount, sales on credit, bonus accounts, last year’s goods with a significant discount – and in this case, leaflets are an effective way to attract the buyer.
  • Do you have a shop that sells mobile phones? Our employee, dressed up in a suit that resembles a mobile device, will clearly and quickly distribute advertising of your store.
  • Does the country entertainment complex incur losses due to a reduction in the number of customers? Our company will help you find new visitors.

Certainly, variants can be rather various, but agency “VLADpromo” has possibility with the maximum benefit to carry out informing of potential clients.


To date, the design of such products involves the creation of various types of leaflets, using multi-colour printing, or the development of restrained, black-and-white booklets, different formats of business cards, and advertising the size of a small poster. Nevertheless, that would not charge to distribute our company, be sure – your products will not become a mass filling of garbage cans. Our responsible distributors of leaflets are under the constant control of persons responsible for accurate and correct distribution – these are supervisors of our company. Their task is to control several points of distribution of leaflets, help in case of unclear questions and providing promoters with advertising products.

Special working conditions and atypical orders require a more sensitive approach to work and a different level of payment. Having acquainted with the prices for services offered by our company, our dear clients with pleasure realise that our prices are more than friendly to the customer. The quality of our work, however, is maintained at a high level. How do we manage to combine low prices and high quality of services? Actually, this is our trade secret and the principle of work. But we will slightly open the veil – success depends on a clear distribution of responsibilities within the company and extensive experience of our employees. Addressing us, you are undoubtedly making the right choice!