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What is the difference between an event and a simple office party or any other marketing trick? This question is asked quite often, and many people find it difficult to answer.

Event-Management has a couple of significant differences that allow you to distinguish it from other activities. The brand should be the main thing in the event – it should be ubiquitous and all-absorbing (logos, probes, flyers, souvenirs, the theme of the evening). The event should have a memorable slogan and be associated only with this brand.

If the campaign sponsors a star’s concert, there will certainly be an advertising logo on the tickets and stage, but this event cannot be called event marketing because the main role here is played by the invited star.


Another matter is when the performance of a famous artist will be only a part of the event and the main character is the brand. It is very good when there will be several interesting events at one event: a star performance, organization of entertainment for both children and adults.

It is better to divide the place for the event into separate zones: activity, rest, buffet table, a place for promotional material. Also, very important to choose experienced promoters for an acquaintance of the goods with potential consumers. Distribution of free samples will be very useful, it can put the consumer to the brand, thus demonstrating care.

An event should attract a target group of potential customers. For example, Coca-Cola holds yard football matches. You should agree that it would be ridiculous to advertise not a drink but jewelry in this way. Already in case of jewelry, it will be appropriate to hold a fashion show focusing on branded products.