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Exhibit stand makers

If you are looking for young and active young men and women to represent your company at a thematic exhibition, then you have contacted us.

This issue should be taken very seriously because it is the right choice of stand makers that will ensure that your company will be addressed to the target audience.

The most important thing is that potential customers will form the right opinion about the service or product provided.

It is difficult to find a stand maker in Kyiv without professional experience. Our agency offers qualified assistance in solving this issue.


Does the behavior of exhibitors’ matter?

As professionals, we declare that the impression of the exposition, as well as the company participating in the described event, directly depends on how well the exhibition personnel will be selected, their behavior. If you are faced with the need to find worthy representatives by contacting our organization, you will not regret it. We select candidates who create the impression of professional people in their business. Also, our stand makers:

  • They are trustworthy;
  • have open communication;
  • and their appearance and behavior dispose of the guests of the exhibition to enter the territory of a salon, stand.

Our candidates are fully aware of the responsibility for their activities. They never forget that they are in the observation zone of the guests of the exhibition, so they fully control their actions. Moreover, it concerns not only the beginning of the public event but also its completion. You, as the organizer or participant of the exhibition, should understand that the manner of behavior of the company’s representatives depends on how well it will be possible to achieve the set goals. We are talking about such parameters as:

  • information about the product or service to be presented;
  • Adequacy of prices;
  • quality of the service or product offered;
  • Deciding in favor of buying a product or ordering a service.

Therefore, it follows that to apply to an agency that is professionally engaged in the selection of stand makers is the right decision.

What do our stand makers know?

Rules of conduct at the exhibition is quite a lot, and each of them is important. I would like to consider separately what a stand maker should not do at such an event. A gross violation of the rules of conduct is the formation of groups, a distraction from conversations with visitors to other stand makers. Communication with only one client is prohibited. Stand makers are not allowed:

  • The whole body of their own body should lean over the stands, containing information about the exhibits and products offered to the public;
  • Publicly tidy up their clothes, correct their hair;
  • touch and lean against glass elements of showcases;

We know for a fact that people who demonstrate extraordinary employment, which repels guests, are not professionals, so we do not offer such candidates. Working with us, you will not find that your stand makers will yawn at the exhibition, showing that they have nothing to do. By the way, showing indifference to guests is also a gross violation.

Valuable recommendations

Those who are not the first time dealing with exhibitions, know that the stand is a kind of scene, and the stand maker it is the main character. As an organizer, you should understand that the first impression of the visitors is formed by 50% in the first 30 seconds. This has been repeatedly proved by psychologists. Therefore, the most important parameters of your representative are such details as appearance, manner of behavior, ability to present oneself and speak, tone of voice.

Remember, a professional is the one who can attract maximum attention to the stand – this is the main task of a stand maker. Young people with good command of foreign languages, who can work at international exhibitions, are especially in demand now. We also have such personnel, and we are ready to offer their candidacies.

Our organization has experience in organizing exhibitions, so we are ready to share our experience and valuable information with you. With the help of Vladpromo, your stand will not only be noticed but recognized as the best. All of this will have a positive impact on the profitability of the business.