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Fast advertising – ad sticking

Perhaps, the most budgetary and quite efficient type of “fast advertising” of a product, service or not yet known TM, there is – ad sticking. But to increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign at times, we offer a slight sticker to combine with promotions (different types of sampling – direct acquaintance of the potential buyer with the goods or services sold).

Ads gluing – effective and fast promotion

Advertising leaflets are posted on special street posters that are installed in public places: along the streets, poles, entrances, stops of public transport, walls of buildings. This type of advertising can be used both separately and in symbiosis with other types of advertising, for example, distribution of leaflets in public places or distribution of brochures on mailboxes.

Depending on the objectives of the advertising campaign of the customer can be adjusted abundance and frequency of sticking leaflets (if the goods need to be sold in the shortest possible time and the number of ads will be the largest).

Your ads should be remembered by people, and when the need for this product they will choose the product from the leaflet. It is important that the sticking of ads is a “fast” effective type of advertising, advertising begins to work literally after the first day of sticking.