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Girl hostesses (hostess) for events

The VLADpromo company in an Arsenal of the services can offer charming and attractive Housewives of holidays and parties. When it arranges the event and ensuring the effectiveness of the exhibition stand, our charming employees can support the smooth operation of the mechanism of its organization. It is convenient and profitable to use the services of our company, which will provide a girl hostess for the event. The name of the profession is obliged to the free translation from English interpreting this duty as “the hostess of the evening”. In other words, this is a person who will consider all the nuances, prevent problems and smooth out unpleasant moments, if any.

The duties of a hostess girl in Kyiv, provided by the Agency “VLADpromo”:

  • Hostess girl meets each guest. Naturally, in advance, it is provided with a full list of prospective guests. Good hostess has an irresistible charm, can make almost any guest forget about the problems and troubles.
  • The hostess accompanies each guest-client to his / her intended place of accommodation. It happens that the guest will be asked to choose another place if it is a restaurant event. The hostess will always offer the guest a new place, without prejudice to the interests of other guests.
  • The hostess of the evening, invited by “VLADpromo”, will listen carefully to each guestbecause the basic principle of hostess services is that none of the guests feels bored due to lack of attention.
  • Tracking the atmosphere of the event, the hostess at any moment at ease and with humor will extinguish the conflict situation.
  • Good hostess work is visible when all guests of the event remain deeply satisfied with the level of the event.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the profession, the work of girls’ hostess requires special skills and extensive knowledge. The appearance of the hostess girl is of great importance, so the candidacy provided by the Agency “VLADpromo” is an elegant and perfectly dressed lady (if it is not assumed that there are special clothes for promotion actions and presentations at the level of exhibition pavilions).

Девушки хостес (хостесс) для проведения мероприятий
Experienced girls’ hostesses-employees of the Agency “VLADpromo” – speak a foreign language (at least one), quite erudite and able to maintain a conversation on any topic, so the guests of the holiday will not be bored.

Many large companies and corporations use the services of female hostesses for successful:

  • advertising exhibition actions
  • meetings of business partners and future investors
  • internal corporate events and anniversaries.

It is always nice to know that the holiday is in the safe hands of the girl-hostess. It is she who will worry about the menu for each guest if it is a restaurant party. Constantly in the thick of things, always elegant and noticing all the little things, the hostess of the evening takes on her fragile shoulders the entire burden of responsibility for the success of the event. She can be trusted, and she always knows exactly what she’s doing.

Advertising Agency “VLADpromo” will provide its hostesses-employees and ensure the highest level of your events, so there is no doubt that even the most demanding customers will be satisfied.

The peculiarity of the Agency is that having an acceptable price range, the quality of services “VLADpromo” ahead of this type of offer in the market of hostess services.