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High-altitude ad sticking

Placing ads – is one of the “ancient”, but not inferior ineffectiveness, a type of advertising.

 The so-called “fast advertising” as an ambulance will rush and will help to quickly attract the attention of potential consumers to your products. An effective and inexpensive way to be always a recognizable brand, to inform the public about new promotions and profitable offers.

Advantages of high-rise posters and announcements:

  1. The scale of the advertising campaign.
  2. Low cost of funds.
  3. Introduction of the population for the shortest possible time about the forthcoming action.

Our advertising agency offers in addition to the standard sticking of ads on billboards placed at stops of public transport, entrances, walls of buildings and poles, and high-rise sticking of the phenomena, posters.

High-rise ad sticking is suitable for advertising long-term promotions and services, as it is carried out by sticking advertising material at a height of 2-3 meters. Such advertising is difficult to break or glue with other advertising materials, which is a plus when choosing this type of advertising to inform the public about the new TM or the service because such advertising will long broadcast to the public about it.

High-rise ad sticking will not remain without attention, because it is placed at high altitude and is usually represented by a large format of advertising material that is usually placed above the entrance of a residential building, the entrance to the shopping center, stops the transport, etc. Another advantage of this sticker is a reduction in the circulation of advertising material compared to the standard leaflet by 50%.

Choosing this type of advertising, your product will not remain unnoticed by the potential consumer and is likely to be in the consumer basket in the nearest supermarket.  And experts in our advertising agency will help to carry out this advertising campaign brilliantly.