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Hostess model

First, the hostess is the mistress, whose duty is to welcome guests. She is the face of the institution or event, so always, regardless of the circumstances, should be friendly, polite and able to smile sincerely. As clients do not always come in an excellent mood or have a pleasant character, the hostess should have increased stress resistance. She will have to settle conflicts and smooth out unpleasant situations.

Hostess model, as a hospitable hostess, not only meets guests but also responsible for their seating. She escorts them to the table and hands them over to the waiters. Alternatively, her job duties may include coordinating the work of the waiters.

It is very important for hostesses to be able to behave calmly and sustainably, but also to have a high level of culture. Although higher education is not necessary, it is still desirable. Hostesses should be able to maintain a conversation with the client, have a competent speech and a pleasant voice. A big plus is knowing one or more languages. This will allow you to communicate with foreign clients not with gestures, but with the help of a pleasant conversation, which will make a positive impression on the institution and raise its status.

Hostess-model meets guests and depends on it in many ways, with what mood the visitor will spend time and use the services offered. One of the main criteria for choosing this position is the presence of a pleasant appearance. Some companies have stricter requirements, for example, a girl or a guy must have a model appearance, a certain hair color, etc. But most often, the charm of the applicant becomes more important. Hostess-model should have pleasant emotions, which is a mandatory requirement for this profession.

The impression that a person has when visiting this or that institution depends largely on how he or she will be met there. The general atmosphere depends on his desire to become a regular customer and return here again.

It is the responsibility of hostesses in Kyiv to create the right positive mood, it should have:

  • pleasant appearance and charm
  • to be calm, patient, able to smile sincerely
  • have enough general level of intelligence, competent speech
  • to speak several foreign languages.

Hostess model

In the company “VLADpromo” you will be able to choose a hostess model based on photos, as well as select girls or boys by special criteria: height, hair color, appearance, knowledge of foreign languages. Hostess model, in addition to the presence of a model appearance, will have a bright personality.

Options where you can use the services of hostess models:

  • meeting and seating of guests at the same event
  • registration of guests, collection of the necessary information
  • guest service at the event: preparation of drinks, photographing of guests, printing out of the event plan
  • business practices
  • car dealership presentations
  • participation in entertainment events: festivals, tournaments, drawings, fashion shows, promotions and much more

Since the requirements of the agency “VLADpromo” to hostess models are rather strict: impeccable appearance, personal charm, politeness, literacy, and knowledge of foreign languages, you can be sure that your event will be held at the highest level.