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Hostess rules of conduct

As well as you take care of the comforts of guests at your home, try to make visitors to your restaurant comfortable too.

правила поведения хостесс


Children (up to 12 years old) – guests who need an advanced level of hostess service! Children are the future of the institution. Dad and mother will not disregard the fact that you care for their child if you pay attention to the baby: hand him a ball, bring pencils and toys (to keep him occupied during the restaurant), a children’s menu. Such attention for the budget of the institution will cost a penny, and in return, you will receive a considerable check, and in the future also the regular friends of your institution, brought up in the best traditions of your restaurant.

One important thoughtful element of caring for children in an institution is special chairs for babies (1-3 years old). True, they occupy an additional place but are an indispensable attribute in serving tables with young children. Highchairs are often placed near a wall where there is no passage (it is easy to trip over them, fall over them).

Remember the names of the children, give the kids as much attention as their parents. Children love to be in the spotlight, it is best to offer a place in the center of the hall.

Families with babies should be placed farther from the steps to avoid injuries.


In the family circle, special events are usually celebrated, hostesses stir families at large tables (often in banquet tables). Let there be a place nearby for storing gifts and a couple of flower vases.


The couple will feel comfortable in a quiet intimate place at a small table with a music lounge. In this case, the smaller the staff will flicker near them the better, give privacy.

Elderly people

Older Guests (60+ years) require increased attention of hostesses. They are moodier and more irritable.

Everything is very individual, some will feel comfortable in a quiet corner, while others strive to follow all those present and they are more comfortable in the center of the hall.

Do not forget to keep the same speed when walking as the elderly Guest and offer help when removing outerwear. Speak with such guests.

First-time guests

Inform the restaurant manager so that he greets them and invites them to visit the restaurant again.

Single visitors and travelers

Single visitors have different goals: drink at the bar, dine at the table, read a book in a quiet place with good lighting, work on meals. The hostess must take care of the conveniences of a single guest.


Adolescents (12-16 years old) like to relax in noisy companies, their number can change (some come, others leave). Make sure that the table is not at the aisle because the added chairs will interfere with the work of the waiter.

Business people

Such people come, often for two reasons: to work during a meal or to eat quickly. In the first case, it will take a lot of space and good lighting, in the second – the fastest possible service. Such people want “professional” attention, that is, nothing superfluous; they will not tolerate the presence of personnel in moderation but also absence.

Disabled Guests

The main task of the Hostess is to do everything so that the visitor feels that he is an honored Guest in your establishment. This also applies to guests with physical disabilities. Try to place such Guests at the entrance so that the distance is minimal. Maximum attention and help.

If you have never had experience communicating with such people, and it is extremely difficult for you to take care of them because of ignorance. It is necessary to tactfully inform the Guest about this, he will understand and go to meet you.

Hearing-impaired guests

You can attract the attention of such a guest by patting him on the hand or by appropriate gesture showing the place to follow. Such people often know how to read lips, so try to clearly speak and look directly into the person’s face. If a person cannot read lips, it is necessary to offer a piece of paper and a pen so that he can state everything in writing.

Visually impaired guests

If he agrees to help, offer to take your hand. Warn the Guest about all the turns and steps ahead on the way to the table. Such visitors should be seated at a well-lit table. Offer your help in exploring the menu.

The law allows a guide dog to stay in a restaurant with its owner. The dog cannot be stroked, distracted, he does his job as well as you. Make sure the animal feels good.

Guests at lunch

Such people have limited lunchtime. Service should be fast and of high quality. Often, Guests do not care where they turn gray, the main thing is and to expedite their choice, offer the restaurant’s specialties.

Given all the features of the Guests, you can prevent some complaints and turn negative impressions into positive ones.

Perhaps a guest whose hostesses have served well will become a guest of the restaurant.

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