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Hostess work in Kyiv, what do you need to know?

Работа хостес в Киеве, что нужно знать

To get a job with the hostess does not need specialized education, in-depth knowledge of certain disciplines. However, the candidate must meet certain selection criteria:

– To have an attractive appearance;

– It is easy to get in touch and communicate with people;

– Be polite and tactful;

– Up to 30 years of age;

– Tall, slender, tightened.

The first person to meet visitors at the entrance to the restaurant, club, shopping center, the hotel is often a representative of the hostess. It is his meeting that determines the mood with which the client will leave, whether he will make the planned purchases of goods and services. In general, the task of the hostess is to form a good mood among potential customers and visitors to the institution. Such work will be a good job for girls and boys who can find common ground with any people.

Work hostesses in Kyiv, for what they get the money?

It would be naive to think that the payment to the hostess is made only for a beautiful smile. Representatives of this profession sometimes must work 12 hours a day, in some situations in the night shift. All this time you must be in one place and look “great”. Hostess representatives often must settle conflicts, work with different categories of clients, were not always all kind and peaceful people.

Even after a long day’s work, the appearance of girls should not give out their fatigue and irritation, the process of their work is constantly monitored. Therefore, it should not be considered easy work, where you must be in the spotlight all day, maintaining a good mood and a positive attitude towards others.

What are the characteristics of the hostess profession?

Most companies, when recruiting candidates require experience in this area of business. However, this indicator is not of paramount importance. Often it is enough just to have a peaceful appearance, calm character, to have the age from 19 to 28 years. For girls, the minimum growth criterion is 168 cm, for boys, the same indicator will be 180 cm (minor exceptions to the rules are always allowed).

Employees should be careful and well-groomed, watch their appearance, hands and hair. Offers for girls’ hostesses in this area of business is much more in comparison with boys. Kyiv is a multinational city, which is visited by many foreign tourists, if the possibility of their visit to the institution where the hostesses will work is considered, the employee should have a basic level of knowledge of English.

Работа хостес Киев

Good work for girls, how is it paid for?

The salary depends entirely on the tasks assigned to the employee. It is not possible to compare the location of the advertising stand with the work in public institutions (hotels, restaurants).

In the latter case, the hostess should be responsible for the meeting and seeing off the guests, to ensure order and cleanliness of the institution. The restaurant also has a practice of controlling the work of waiters and resolving disputes between customers.

Part-time employment can be partial, students of higher educational institutions of Kyiv can choose the appropriate schedule of work, both after classes and on free and weekends. Payment will be charged for the hours worked, and the student will receive a good addition to the scholarship. Work is more often legal, including the possibility of official registration in the company Vladpromo. Another direction of work for students can be night shifts, such a hostess service is practised in nightclubs, where the work schedule can be from 8 pm to 5-6 am.

Night shifts with two exits in two nights or only on weekends. Accordingly, the salary for such work will be approximately 30-40% higher than the daily work shift, also food can be provided at the expense of the institution, delivery home by road and other benefits. For students, such earnings are often higher than their scholarship, allows them to pay for accommodation, food and education in the capital. Of course, it is difficult to work night shifts, but these inconveniences will be paid accordingly.