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How to become a popular model?

What girl hasn’t dreamed of being a model for once in her life? But most of them, looking at catwalk beauties, stop believing in their strength in this beautiful sphere of beauty. There is an opinion that the model can become only the owner of ideal forms and proportions, but as practice shows, it is far from so. The most demanded models do not differ outstanding parameters and even somewhere proportions, to put it mildly, are absent. As they say, other shortcomings, if they are skillfully used, sparkle brighter than any other advantages.

We will present to your attention the types of models for which the criteria of appearance are completely different and by the reflection in the mirror, every lady can choose the most suitable for her type:

как стать моделью

Podium model (Runway model)

Basic criteria:

– High growth (175 cm and above),

– skinny physique (long limbs, swan neck, weak muscles).

как стать востребованной моделью

Glamour model

Basic criteria:

– Age > 25 years,

– posing for the glossy ones.


Body part model

The main criterion:

– Emphasis on the right body part when advertising the relevant product (teeth, eyes, arms, legs).


Lingerie model

Basic criteria:

– a beautiful feminine body,

– FG 86-91 cm, FG 58-63 cm, OB 86-90 cm,

– from the age of 21.


Model “plus” (Plus-size model)

The main criterion is:

– large size clothes.


Promo model (Promotional model)

Basic criteria:

– Age >25 years,

– “Hollywood” smile,

– the ability to work in a team.

Defined girl with the type of model that is most harmonious to her, it is necessary:

– order a beech from a good photographer (7-10 A4 photos from different angles),

– to find a good model agency, and success in this business depends on it.

How to define a dubious type of agency?

  • the promise of instant take-off and popularity,
  • the intrusive offer of expensive stylistic and cosmetic services,
  • a paid database,
  • lack of all agency registration documents,
  • an escort job offers. For a model who wants to work in a high modeling business but has been noticed in such work the way to it is closed.