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How to become an actor of mass scenes?

We will probably start with the basics. Let’s take everything by the shelves, for starters, who are the actors of the mass scenes?

Actors of mass scenes are a lot of people, of different ages, of no repeatable appearance. Not only beauty and the right facial features are valued, but also individuality and originality! A father-in-law, for example, if you are a dwarf, then you have a much better chance of becoming an actor in mass scenes than a man of standard stature.

In our century, everyone wants to live well and have a good job with a decent salary. Now you can earn anywhere. Starting from office work, distribution of leaflets, work on the Internet, shooting in extras of TV shows, movies, commercials, at the factory, etc. ending with their own business.

For many people, shots in extras are the main earnings! It is not a secret for whom to shoot in many budget films in the main roles it is necessary, to begin with small, just a extras is that it is necessary! Of course, starring in advertising is much more difficult than just in the extras. It is here that your appearance is a very important fact, NEVER put on the shooting clothes in a small cage and strip (during the shooting they will display interference, which is very annoying to the crew), in most cases, you will still be changed into studio props.

Now I will upset everyone who thinks that after the first shooting in the extras your phone will be torn apart from the offers, it is not so. For frequent it is necessary to try to break through itself, can go on castings on the main role in advertising, a telecast.

The main thing is never to give up and try to achieve your goal, the roles of which you want!

I’ll tell you the secret of the shooting is so bright, colorful and unusual process. That even the role in the extras in Kyiv will leave a lot of bright memories for the rest of your life! It is a very strange feeling when there are only 1-2 people in the frame and 20 people behind the frame, and each of them is responsible for some process, light, sound, camera. Which in the future will turn into a colorful picture on your screens?

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I recommend everyone in my life to play in the roles of masses and leading roles, believe me, you will not leave indifferent this event!

If you want to participate in the shootings, make sure to register and add your profile to Youneed service: