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How to carry out a grand opening at a minimal cost?

The opening of a store, shopping center, restaurant, office, or firm is a significant event in the life of each company. Such an event should be held as a special solemnity, using elements of an advertising campaign. The opening event of any format can easily be turned into a bright show, which will contribute to the formation of an initial client base. However, the celebration of the opening requires proper preparation and realization, only then can it produce the expected result of the event.

What is the best way to start?

The right opening will help to form the business owners’ initial customer base, which will have a positive impact on the future financial activity of the company. Several preparatory actions will be required to ensure that the forthcoming opening will have the desired impact. Before opening, it will be necessary to:

  • Officially register your business;
  • Identify a niche for further action;
  • Create a range of products, goods, or services;
  • Find suitable premises, repair them and prepare them for further activities;
  • Purchase necessary equipment and hire personnel.

The main objective of the owners of the commercial premises is the need for financial turnover, their size should cover all business investments and yield a certain profit. Otherwise, the enterprise would be unprofitable. Trade and services are in dire need of new clients, and various marketing methods are used to attract them, including advertising at the opening of the establishment. For the investment to be fully recouped, it is necessary to carefully think about the strategy for a certain activity, use effective marketing tools. Entrusting such work to the real professionals of your business is the best way to avoid mistakes, miscalculations, and financial losses.

Advertising in planning the action

It is advisable to start an advertising company in advance, that is, during the stage of construction or repair of a rented building. Potential customers need to be informed that there will soon be a sales outlet or firm providing certain services. The simplest way to realize such a project is an advertising banner, on which short information about the future activities of the company will be placed, and the date of opening is specified. Also, the information about the type of the product (good, service) should be placed on the banner, which in the future will be offered to the customers. The promotional product can contain information about possible discounts and shares timed to the opening day of the establishment. To create the necessary excitement around the forthcoming opening, target audiences should be notified about the distribution of valuable prizes, holding of draws, issuing cards for discounts and bonuses.

On an opening day, it is necessary to employ a professional presenter with high-quality equipment, who will tell about the holiday opening and your privileges, as well as to attract potential clients. Hold official cut red ribbons. To entertain people, use animators, show programs. It is also possible to use promoters with flags that make good advertising for passing motorists.

grand opening

How to properly notify clients about the upcoming opening?

Just before the opening, promotional visual and printing tools are used. The distribution of leaflets is carried out under the guise of invitations to the celebration of a symbolic event. The distribution is carried out not only near the opening but also in the nearest areas, giving preference to places with a large population (markets, stations, parks, metro stations, transport stops). In dormitory areas of the city, it is better to stick up advertisements or place them in the mailboxes of residents of nearby houses. For distribution of printed products, experienced employees are engaged, know the specifics of such work, and know how to use the advertising tool effectively to bring it to the potential client. The number of printed and distributed advertisements, flyers, and advertisements will have a direct impact on the number of people coming to the planned opening.

Promotion after opening

It is erroneous to assume that the point of trade or service delivery in the shortest time will gain the number of customers necessary for successful work. It is their number that determines the trade turnover associated with the number of goods purchased and the personnel employed. Furthermore, it is therefore advisable to continue the advertising company after the opening. Specialists of the agency recommend holding it for the first 2-3 weeks after opening, and this will yield tangible results in business formation. It is possible to rapidly increase the client base using advertisements placed on social networks, on television, and the Internet of the relevant community. An effective tool for attracting new potential customers will be a bright, colorful sign, where the company name and the direction of its activity must be accurately reflected.

Bright show

Any solemn opening of a new trading platform should be a source of great emotion for those invited to the celebration. Thanks to this, visitors will remember this discovery, and they will want to come here again. The event should be seen as a promotional move aimed at achieving certain results:

  • Declare a new outlet;
  • Notify potential customers of all possible benefits to be derived from regular visits;
  • Make a proper impression on the guests;
  • Form the base of the original clients, earning their trust;
  • Start the «word of mouth» effect.

To achieve this goal, special attention should be paid to the design of the trade hall. In most people, visual perception based on an inner sensation dominates the assessment of what is seen. That is, the first impression is of particular importance in forming a further opinion. Therefore, it is important to make the entrance and the trading hall as beautiful and effective as possible. More often, colors or balloons arches are used to solve such problems. Besides, the agency has a lot of ready-made solutions for the realization of the most original ideas.

Minimum opening price

Print advertising is the most affordable product, requiring minimal investment. Bright flyers, leaflets, posters, calendars, all cost comparatively little and have a significant impact from their use. Paper advertising should be as useful to the person as possible, in which case he will not throw it away. Therefore, experienced marketing specialists try to apply on the advertising product the maximum useful information for the client. In particular, the leaflet may contain information about the upcoming draw, the possibility to receive bonuses and discounts, the work schedule of the shop. When distributing a printed matter, it is important to draw people’s attention to the advantages it can provide. It is easier to use short slogans consisting of simple expressions.


An influential condition for the further image of the trading network is the use of a uniform model for all employees and promotional personnel. Colors should be used to reflect the same company style. A good solution is to make T-shirts, vests, and hats with the company logos on them in advance.