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How to increase the effectiveness of advertising distribution?

Customers of the distribution of leaflets, of course, is interested in how to improve such an advertising campaign to achieve the best results and what specific advertising tricks make lifting more productive. The work of any advertising event consists of a combination of several types of advertising.

And popular, despite its antiquity, the type of advertising – lifting, for an effective robot needs an advertising assistant, such as sampling. This tandem of advertising colleagues will lead to success in the promotion of TM or the successful introduction of goods on the market.

First, providing an opportunity to try the advertised product entails attracting more and more interested potential customers. And secondly, this type of advertising carries the manufacturer’s confidence in the product offered, which certainly bribes the potential buyer. Also, the location of such a promo action affects the conduct of such a promo action, as well as the selected time of day.

Of course, the distribution of leaflets near the subway station at noon is more successful than at midnight. The effectiveness of advertising is dependent on the target audience. Flyers best diverge between students near universities (100 leaflets per hour). Demand for discounted leaflets-coupons increases several times, such popularity also has leaflets with useful information (city map, calendar, etc.).

как повысить эффективность распространения рекламы

A great influence has the way the advertising material is presented to the potential consumer. Distribution should be carried out with benevolence and children’s excitement. In practice, it is proved more effective work of promoters, if they wear eye-catching clothes that are directly related to the topic of promotion. After all, it will look ridiculous, the advertising campaign of dairy TM if their promoters will be dressed in sausage suits.

The kind of leaflets should cause interest in the passing potential consumer. An additional advantage is an image on the leaflet of the TM logo. After all, the choice of the buyer is not the last to be influenced by the authority of the company, which guarantees the quality of the purchased product.