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Is it effective to stick ads without tear-off numbers?

Ads sticking is an actual way of advertising goods or services. Previously, it was believed that the main attribute of such advertising is a small piece of paper on which to place, usually, the phone number or address of the location of the store or salon. In this form, potential consumers have been watching advertisements on poles or bulletin boards for decades and no longer reacting to them properly. Advertisers went on any tricks to attract the attention of passers-by used motley colors, changed all kinds of fonts, but it was not enough for proper work of advertising. But the absence of tear-off sheets attracts the eye of a potential consumer.

Not the use of tear-off material increases the space for placement of information material that may interest the potential client. You are going to print ads on colored paper and plan to still tear-off material, get ready for the fact that the price will be even more and without that expensive ad while spending valuable space. It is necessary to note the non-aesthetic kind of announcement of a large format (A4, A3 format, etc.) with tear-off numbers.

Analyzing the question of the expediency of using the advertising material for sticking the presence of tear-off numbers, it is necessary to specify the orientation of the target audience of your ad.

If your advertisement is directed at young active people, it is necessary to remind about presence at each mobile phone. Style of the modern person is such that as soon as their attention something will attract, they immediately want to know more about it and for a moment in this case we offer not a tear-off material, and place in the announcement 2D barcode that will give more information about the product or service, in extreme cases you can use the camera and take a picture of the desired ad. Young people like everything fashionable and fiddles with a bunch of papers it is not in their style, everything should be in one place on the mobile phone.

In cases of the orientation of the given advertising on people of adults or can even elderly, we offer nevertheless to use tear-off numbers. Such people love the old checked up schemes, a photo on the phone can and will not turn out, and here a tear-off paper with the information will not go anywhere.

Thus, it is impossible to tell with confidence what method of advertising will be more effective, in this case, it is necessary to consider the above facts.