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Model dress code

This model is easily recognizable by its appearance, it is well-groomed and stylishly dressed always. It should look so that people want to look at it, dress like it, drink coffee the same as it and eventually live like it. No matter how professional the model should know all the latest fashion trends, because she lives in this industry, goes to fashion shows, reads fashion magazines and watches Fashion TV.

There are many requirements to the models, one of which is a model dress code. On French castings, it is necessary to put on clothes in dark tones, trousers in a cover and a high heel it will underline a figure. In the USA “free clothes” appearance before customers in old sneakers and torn jeans are already a norm.

Model dress code and its features

The casting of Dolce & Gabbana and casting for the brand Adidas clothes model in Kyiv should not be the same. But it also does not mean that in the House of fashion D&G it is necessary to come in a dress, and on a meeting with representatives of sports mark holding a racket in hands. If on casting for advertising of sportswear can estimate a choice of a T-shirt of their ТМ on casting for the fashion house, try to find “a fresh face” and the girl dressed in a dress D&G most likely will not interest.

модельный дресс-код

For beginners we offer a list of basic things:

  • Fitting black stocking dress
  • men’s white shirt
  • black or dark blue pants
  • miniskirt

In such clothes, you will feel confident and the main thing is appropriate in any place and any situation.

And without it, you just can’t go anywhere:

  • Matt black and flesh-colored tights
  • good lingerie (you must change at the shows)
  • business suit
  • cocktail dress
  • High heels – watch out for trends but don’t choose rough shoes, you should radiate lightness and grace

It’ll come in handy at the casting:

  • small top
  • tight-fitting shorts
  • separate leotard

The main thing in all harmony and clothes is not an exception if going to the next casting you something tells you to put on “grandmother’s” jacket, do not hesitate, but dilute this antiquity with a huge heel and confidence in their strength!