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Model search and selection

Modern exhibitions, shows, presentations and festive shows do not do without attracting models. Professional hostess models are present at almost all advertising events. In the vast majority of cases, the profession of hostess involves girls of model appearance (less than boys) who are able to present themselves well, effectively promote the proposed product. Selection of hostess models is a complex and demanding process, candidates must have outstanding external data, defined anthropometric parameters, communication and endurance.

The role of hostesses at events

Girls of model appearance are entrusted with a number of important tasks:

  • Meeting guests and participants of the upcoming event;
  • Distribution of leaflets and information booklets;
  • Work at the reception, registration of participants, issuing badges, providing the necessary information about the format of the event and the schedule of its holding;
  • Defile at the exhibition stand, participation in the show program on stage;
  • Assistance to the presenter in accompanying the conference;
  • Models can also be entrusted with a lot of additional tasks at the event: handing a microphone to the participants, handing flowers, taking out prizes, and serving drinks.

What qualities should the model meet?

The hostess must be a beautiful and tall girl with a good figure. Besides pleasant external data, the applicant of this interesting and promising profession should be communicative, have a common language with people, smooth out conflict situations. It would be useful to have a knowledge of foreign languages, and events often involved representatives of other countries. Hostesses must have the skills to work as stand attendants, waitresses, bartenders and translators at the same time. The modelling profession is well paid, so the recruitment requirements are high.

How are hostess models chosen?

For each individual event models are selected individually, depending on the format of the upcoming event and the wishes of the customer. Usually two girls will be sufficient to present the stand, but their number will be proportional to the number of guests. If foreigners are invited to the event, language models are chosen. During the selection of candidates to the hostess, careful selection is made. They are mostly applied to an existing model agency, where a certain number of models work. There is also an age limit for modeling, with girls aged between 18 and 28 being more likely to be recruited. All female employees working for the event agency must be responsible and punctual, have the psychological stamina to present themselves to others.

Model search and selection

Models for different formats of activities

Models perform a number of functional duties at ongoing festive events and promotions:

  • Registration of guests. The presence of models will decorate any festive event. They will create an unforgettable style and sophistication of the event taking place, and give the celebration a certain status. After the registration of guests, the girls will be able to take on a number of other responsibilities;
  • Hostess to the exhibition. Models will be able to perform all the necessary work near the stand, providing guests with detailed information about the advertised product or service. Also, girls can offer drinks to guests, taking on the duties of waiters and bartenders;
  • Work on PR-actions. Attraction of models will be relevant for an advertising campaign of any format. The hostess will help create an unforgettable atmosphere for guests, as well as advertise the proposed product from the best side;
  • Meeting guests and congratulations on the holiday. Today, quite often, models in Kyiv are ordered for organizing holidays and celebrations of any format. The invited models will become a real decoration of any celebration, help to create an unforgettable atmosphere;
  • Corporate parties. If you want to dilute the atmosphere of your holiday, add new colors to it, make an unforgettable impression on your employees, then the models for the party will be an extraordinary and correct choice.

If you have a sense of talent and vocation, do you want to try your hand in the modeling business, build a career and find useful connections? Then hostess work is exactly the kind of work you should be starting with. Each model is given unique opportunities to improve its skills, to acquire knowledge and experience directly in the working process, to become a social and communicative person. Most world-renowned models began their careers by working in this area. Professional event agencies conduct model recruitment, short-term staff education and training, and matching costumes for each action. Such work is interesting and fascinating, although it requires a certain degree of restraint and physical and moral effort.